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Position Details: Innovation Entrepreneur - 945031SE

Location: Hillsboro, OR
Openings: 1
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Project Description

A new tech product owner role in Tech Innovation.

Technology Innovation

Innovation Entrepreneur


The Innovation Entrepreneur will work across all business units at client.  This person will be responsible for bringing the point of view of the business and key user groups to help the Technology Innovation team execute successful proofs of concept.  The Innovation Entrepreneur will partner with Product Directors and Engineering Leads to help validate hypothesis and drive alignment on cross functional proofs of concept (POCs).  Once the team has aligned on a POC, the Innovation Entrepreneur will be responsible for working across the business and technology organizations to bring that POC to life.  A successful candidate in this role will bring new, tech-oriented thinking and capabilities to client in a way that allows the new solutions to be embraced by client’s people-focused, story-focused, matrix-oriented, brand-driven culture.

Specific Skill Sets & Responsibilities

User Advocate

  • Become one of the team’s experts on the business need driving the POC.
  • Regularly engage with users.  The Innovation Entrepreneur should be intimately aware of current and desired user behavior and be able to articulate why something is/is not important to the users.
  • Deeply understand users and impacted constituents’ beliefs, actions and fears related to the solutions proposed in the POC.  
  • Advocate for the users’ needs during the backlog grooming process.  Make sure the product team has clarity of purpose/ business understanding and does not get pulled in multiple directions between sprints.
  • Work with nervous constituents—help to understand their concerns and develop appropriate plans to address the concerns.


  • Regularly engage with constituents on the business and technology sides of the company—help core, cross functional team members and related teams understand what we’re attempting to do and why.  Listen to colleagues/users’ concerns and ideas.  
  • Develop and execute communication plans appropriate for various types of audiences related to a POC—users, leadership, etc.

Execute & Enable

  • Help to drive rapid solution prototyping & execute proof of concepts.  
  • Help to set up a process or criteria to measure the impact of projects.
  • Help to create a refined launch process to allow the company to comfortably embrace potentially disruptive innovations without getting sidetracked by people who are invested in protecting the status quo.
  • Help the Innovation Tech Team understand the impact they are having on the organization and celebrate the impacts that the team is having on client.  Create retrospectives and conversations about lessons learned among team members.  Create a culture of support, healthy debate and connection between the members of the team.
  • If the company decides to scale a POC, the Innovation Entrepreneur will help foster the adoption of the POC to the scaling team(s).

Integrate & Inspire

  • Inspire colleagues and leaders at client to imagine a new way of using technology to better serve consumers, work with strategic, external partners and internal colleagues around the globe
  • Help to create a culture of innovation throughout the tech department and throughout client 
  • Empower people to bring their best skills, talents and crazy ideas to work. 

Background/Required Skills

  • Strong organizational skills.  
  • A master at following up and following through.  
  • Experienced working with and applying Agile, Design Thinking, & Lean innovation methodologies inside a large organization.
  • Proven ability to influence cross functional leaders and colleagues.
  • A sense of urgency to deliver great, effective solutions that are utilized by the business.
  • The compassion and ability help users and influencers understand why and how to change their behavior and embrace a new solution or idea.
  • Able to simplify and personalize complicated ideas into compelling stories or understandable narratives that inform, persuade and inspire others to follow.
  • Left brain and right brain thinker—a successful candidate will be comfortable creatively navigating through ambiguity while striving to methodically analyze and focus on the business need driving the innovation solution.




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