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Position Details: Software Engineer - 980980S

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
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Feeds Software Engineer Position


We are looking for a Backend or Full Stack Software Engineer with 3 or more years of experience in building distributed systems using RESTful HTTP using Java technologies. This position is for the Feeds team which handles the backend platform that drives multiple experiences within client’s mobile applications (NRC / NTC / SNKRS / client App).

The most important skills for this position are passion about solving complex problems using technology, deep understanding of Object-Oriented programming languages, ability to work as part of a team and ability to learn and adapt quickly. Our team works using an Agile methodology (Kanban) so any experience working under similar environments like Extreme Programming or SCRUM is a plus. Also, we do Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration, so any experience working with automated deployment pipelines and DevOps is a plus. All of our services are deployed in the AWS Cloud, so any Cloud experience (Google, Azure) is plus, but is not required.

Required Experience:

  • As a Programmer with the Java language and in-depth knowledge of the Java Platform, including Java 8 and higher.
  • Developing stateless REST services over HTTP
  • Programming using Test Driven Development
  • Programming Internet distributed applications
  • Experience working with Open Source software APIs and development tools, including an IDE like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse or NetBeans
  • Experience working with Non-SQL databases: Cassandra, DynamoDB, Mongo, Redis, CouchDB
  • Working with Agile methodologies: XP, SCRUM, Kanban
  • Reading and writing technical documentation including UML diagrams.
  • Likes collaborative work and succeeding as a part of a team

Optional skills:

  • Working with one or more Relational databases: Oracle / SQL Server / DB2 / MySQL
  • Experience with other standards like XML, HTML, JavaScript
  • Experience with automated testing and build automation
  • Experience with Cloud environments like Amazon Web Services


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