Delivery Methods in Zenbasket

A recent technology trend has piqued the interests among online ecommerce platforms to support small & local businesses on delivery options. The recent incidents and pandemic have created a shift with more than half the consumers specifically seeking out local & independently-owned businesses.

Why Deliver with Zenbasket?

When running an online eCommerce store, shipping has the biggest impact both cost-wise and in implementation. Most shop owners depend on conventional mail and package services like UPS, USPS, etc. But ZenBasket provides alternative options for delivering the items to local customers on time, by local delivery, and with some integration with other delivery services.

ZenBasket & Delivery Integrations

Local delivery gives you control over how your product is delivered, which will help you provide better service and experience. In addition, ZenBasket is equipped to handle promptness, convenience, and selection for their customers that might give your local business an edge over your competitors.

ZenBasket has integrated with Postmates, a leader in delivery, to make it more feasible.  It allows people to order anything from anywhere within the defined delivery zone. It also charges a minimal amount for delivery based on the distance covered from pickup points to drop-off points.

How Does Local Delivery Work with ZenBasket’s other Shipping Options?

While local delivery is good for nearby customers, you might not want to leave out customers who reside outside your local delivery zone. Some of your local delivery can be handled by Carrier shipping services.

Options like curbside pickup could be helpful especially for local customers. If customers outside your local delivery zone want you to deliver their online orders fast and expedited, shipping might not be the best option as it is too expensive. So ZenBasket offers curbside pickup as an alternative.

How to Charge for Local Delivery?

You might set a fixed local delivery charge for all orders within your allocated local delivery zone. To make the delivery option a more striking feature, charge the local delivery services lower than the traditional methods through a carrier.

This cost should be based on the integration of time it takes you to deliver and how far you are traveling to deliver your orders. The larger your delivery area, the more you might need to charge your customers.

Delivery Methods in ZenBasket

Flat Rate

Local Delivery charges your customers a flat rate for any order, regardless of quantity. This is useful for merchants who want to deliver products themselves or offer their own fixed cost for different online delivery methods such as Standard Ground or Express Overnight. ZenBasket charges a flat rate regardless of how many units of a product are in the cart.

Free Delivery

By offering free delivery options at checkout, we can encourage our customers to complete their orders. There are different ways of setting up free delivery options in your online store.

  1. By destination
  2. Over a set subtotal
  3. With a discount coupon

Conditional Free Delivery

Choose this option, if you want to offer free delivery only to those local customers within the delivery zone whose orders exceed a certain amount.

Ways  to Promote Local Delivery

Zenbasket provides the following options to promote local delivery:

Social media

Update your social platform channels about local delivery and complement that with paid ads targeting the delivery zone where you’re offering the service. ZenBasket provides Facebook integration for social media marketing.

Email marketing

Segment your list and let local customers know about options and special sales you provide on occasions & during special events. Consider motivating with a coupon code for their first online order. ZenBasket provides email marketing with the help of Constant Contact and MailChimp integrations.

Retargeted ads 

Send campaigns to old, current customers and site visitors. Let your customers know about the upgrade to local delivery and make use of it.

What is Postmates?

Postmates is a market leader specializing in food delivery. It enables people to order anything, anywhere within the city, by delivering goods with the help of their human delivery networks. Just like other online delivery services, Postmates delivery guys get their customer’s online order notifications on their mobile devices.

It is an on-demand goods delivery platform which enables customers to get the ordered products from their local stores. The company matches the demand and supply in the shortest possible time via GPS tracking. 

Features of Postmates Integration with ZenBasket

  • Enables the customers in your chosen zone to receive their order by local delivery.
  • Postmates charges a nominal delivery fee which depends on the distance covered from the pickup point and the drop off point.
  • Deliveries are made within 1 hour and are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Customers can track the location of their delivery guy after placing the order.


The customer’s online order gets delivered to their home within hours. Customers have options to track their order once it is placed. The benefit of ZenBasket’s delivery options is that it is way simpler to use. With these options, flexible and on time delivery could be attained. This eventually yields a great customer flow rate.



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