Centizen Global Delivery Model

Centizen offers global shore delivery of IT sourcing and delivery of solutions that can be tailored to fit your unique needs. This global shore delivery model has been designed with small and mid-tier client companies in mind as well as large traditional enterprises. With this model, Centizen’s offers a pragmatic, effective and economical IT sourcing solution for Centizen managed and client managed IT managed initiatives.

Centizen offers the following delivery modes of where we can provide contract consultants and implement IT solutions:


Centizen can provide IT solutions and contract consultants anywhere in the US at our client sites. If required, Centizen can additionally provide contract consultants to work at our client global sites outside of the US.


Centizen can also provide IT solutions delivery and contract consulting from its development center in India. We offer state of the art communications, a robust infrastructure, and the latest information security. We take care of all of the typical offshore hassles and deliver real cost savings for our clients. Centizen’s development center is located in an area that has plentiful access to the high caliber skill sets that clients require. This model is intended for support and medium-complex implementation projects with the availability to scale to any size. As a client you get access to the best technical talent and 24/7 availability.

Blended Shore

This model provides the combination of onsite Centizen consultants managing and working with our offshore talent at our India development center. Centizen’s onsite team interacts directly with your onsite team and coordinates all of the work of our offshore consulting team. The level of onshore and offshore staff is tailored to your needs. Blended shore provides great business value and cost savings from transferring as much of the work as possible to the offshore team who can be available if needed 24/7.

Providing Flexibility

Our global delivery model allows you to choose the best sourcing and solutions delivery strategy suited to your business needs. No matter where your business is located, our global delivery capability provides a seamless experience across all operations.