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Frequently Asked Questions

Contract Terms

At what point, do we enter into an agreement and invoicing period?2022-05-05T07:41:51+00:00

We will write up the agreement based on the agreed terms for you to sign and proceed and provide any payrolling service and fee, that we will help to ensure your talent is paid properly.

Are there any guarantees?2022-05-05T07:43:57+00:00

There are agreed upon guarantees, we start with a 30-day guarantee to any position and discuss in the terms of the agreement.

Does the talent have any type of benefits or time off?2022-05-05T08:20:38+00:00

Anyone you hire will have access to benefits and paid time off given the details of your company’s position.

What are your payment terms?2022-01-11T10:56:17+00:00

Our invoicing is sent out monthly and our terms are 7, 15 or 30 days to pay said invoice depending on terms set forth in the agreement.

Is there a recruitment charge or fee for identifying the talent?2022-01-11T10:55:26+00:00

We do not charge for our recruitment efforts, once a candidate is selected and starts working then we will bill for the candidate’s time. There may be a monthly fee for managing the talent and this will be defined in the agreement.

Hiring Process

How am I assured that Centizen is identifying the best talent based on my requirement?2022-05-05T09:15:18+00:00

We do not charge for our recruitment efforts, once a candidate is selected and starts working for you, will bill our recruitment fee on the first day. If we are managing your payroll we agree upon the services, fee, and invoicing terms in the agreement.

What is your approach to vetting a developer?2022-01-11T10:56:26+00:00

Centizen Talent Hub requires a stringent vetting process to ensure you are getting the best candidate. We have a 5-step process that includes assessments in Communication, Aptitude, Technical, Coding Examples and an Interview with a Senior Technical Engineer.

How strong are your talent’s communication skills?2022-01-11T10:56:21+00:00

Our developers are given a communication assessment, in which they are vetted in understanding, speaking, and writing in English and can perform the job duties with no issues.

Am I able to participate in the vetting of the talent?2022-01-11T10:56:01+00:00

Once Centizen has gone through our extensive vetting and testing process of a candidate. Then the client can interview and assess the candidate according to your standards and processes. If you have a test you would like to administer than we will partner with you to ensure the candidate receives it.

What level of experience does your talent pool include?2022-05-05T09:11:50+00:00

We place experienced engineers and talent anywhere from 3 to 10 years of experience in full time opportunities. This is mostly dependent on the qualifications and requirements needed to complete the job.

Assorted Talent Pool

How does the Talent Hub developers handle the time zone overlap/differences?2022-05-06T04:37:02+00:00

The developers spend around four hours every day with you and the team.

What schedule will the selected talent be working?2022-05-05T09:10:26+00:00

Your employees will work when you work, Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day. Given the time zone your team is working in.

Where is Centizen’s Talent base located?2022-05-05T09:09:39+00:00

Centizen’s talent spans across India and Canada, our talent is located within various parts of the country, given where the most qualified talent is residing.

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