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Position Details: Data Engineer(763702O)

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
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As a Data Engineer you will berevolutionizing the intersection of technology and R&D of physical products by delivering a dataprocessing pipeline.  On our team, data engineering is responsible formunging, cleaning, transforming, and transmuting data; more related to thetechnology than the modeling.  Data engineers serve as integrators betweendata architects, data scientists, and other data consumers to deliverproduction ready solutions with an emphasis on using AWS native solutions overcustom built solutions.

Our team is dedicated todelivering quickly, where everyone is empowered to design solutions for newfeatures and review code of other team members.  We are pushing theenvelope in our agile process by embedding directly with business teams. Our goal is continuous delivery with an emphasis on learning new technologiesand techniques, while pairing to solve problems faster, share knowledge, andlearn from others.  We want everyone to share their opinions with ahumbleness to accept other opinions over your own.  Communication skillsare key to this strategy, i.e. you need to articulate your ideas to fellowdevelopers as well as stakeholders.


Bachelors' degree or equivalentexperience, with 4 years professional experience in data engineering

TechnologyExperience :

Functional Programming PolyglotJVM Based (e.g. Java, Scala, Clojure) or Data Science Based (e.g. Python,MatLab, R) Knowledge and experience implementing modern data processingtechnology stacks Athena, Kinesis, EMR, Step Functions, Lambdas or Kafka,Spark, Flink (required) File formats like CSV, JSON, FIT, et cetera (required)Data warehousing, dimensional modeling and ETL development (required) Machinelearning frameworks & statistical analysis with MATLAB, Python, R(preferred) Familiar with software development tools and methodologies CLI,IDE, Github, JIRA, Scrum, Kanban (preferred)

SoftSkills :

High motivation and passion forcontinuous learning Exceptional collaboration, listening, written and verbalcommunication skills Ability to see the big picture and decompose it intodomains Ability to deal with ambiguous requirements and quickly changingdirections Opinionated yet humble

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