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Position Details: Technical Support/Desk Support Analyst

Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Openings: 1
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FTE: $70,000 max

Goals of Position
Enable accelerated delivery of software tools:
* Minimize occurrences of Developers being pulled from new project initiatives to fix Production issues
* Ensure compliance with security and exception handling standards as software is developed
* Identify defects as quickly and as early in the lifecycle as possible
* Quickly coordinate the development of solutions to defects
* Release qualified fixes into production assuring they fulfill the criteria of a production release

Take ownership of software tools in Production:
* Maintain excellent security posture (PCI compliance)
* Discover exceptions in application and OS logs
* Work with application experts to determine root cause of production exceptions
* Resolve exceptions, working with project management as necessary, to schedule software fixes

* SQL - Develop queries to assist with troubleshooting production issues.  Develop scripts to resolve issues with production data.
* Network diagnostics (telnet, ping, tracert, etc.)
* Build, read, and interpret: C#, .NET (LINQ, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, XAML, javaScript, HTML) and T-SQL
* Visual Studio Online (VSO) and/or other issue tracking tool
* Cloud (Azure) Services: IaaS, PaaS (SQL Azure, websites, Azure Storage, private networks, AD, multi-factor authentication, etc.)
* Visual Studio
* Window services
* Web applications
* Batch files and/or PowerShell

Typical Routine:
* A couple times a day, you will:
* Review application logs and working data directories for exceptions and abnormalities
* Review issues received from technical support

As long as Production issues exist:
* Triage issues and exceptions
* Work with subject matter experts (developers, product managers, 3rd party solution providers, etc.) to discover root cause of issues and exceptions
* Work with subject matter experts (developers, product managers, 3rd party solution providers, etc.) and project management to implement solutions for issues and exceptions

Proactive exception notifications:
* Configure automated monitoring of anticipated application and application host exceptions
* Configure automated monitoring of failed and/or unresponsive applications

Help ensure Good Security Posture:
* Maintain applications and hosting infrastructure to fulfill compliance requirements
* Perform periodic activities required by the compliance requirements (review logs, resolve vulnerabilities identified by system scans, rotate system account passwords, etc.)

Off-hours Support:
* Work with Operations Team and Systems Administration to develop a schedule enabling comprehensive production support during all business hours (M-F, 6am-5pm)
* Off-hour support isn’t expected to be above and beyond normal working duration

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