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Position Details: Web Application Engineer (765432T)

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
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As a Web App Engineer you will be revolutionizing theintersection of technology and R&D of physical products by delivering afull­stack web application ecosystem.  We value using AWS native solutionsto deliver node modules, express apps, redux web apps, server­less Lambdas,APIs, and data stores.  Our approach uses data­driven development andcontinuous improvements. Our team is dedicated to delivering quickly, whereeveryone is empowered to design solutions for new features and review code ofother team members.  We are pushing the envelope in our agile process byembedding directly with business teams.  Our goal is continuous deliverywith an emphasis on learning new technologies and techniques, while pairing tosolve problems faster, share knowledge, and learn from others.  We wanteveryone to share their opinions with a humbleness to accept other opinionsover your own.  Communication skills are key to this strategy, i.e. youneed to articulate your ideas to fellow developers as well as stakeholders.



·        Bachelors' degree or equivalent experience, with2 years professional experience in software engineering




·        Design full­stack applications (required)

·        Integrate with RESTful APIs (required)

·        Node modules and Express applications (required)

·        Developing Web apps via React/Redux and Angular(required)

·        Transpiling and Bundling (required)

·        SPA or universal/isomorphic apps (preferred)

·        UI/UX Design of Web Apps (preferred)

·        Continuous Integration with automated testing(preferred)

·        Continuous Delivery to AWS (preferred)

·        Data visualizations, e.g. D3 and ThreeJS(preferred)


Soft Skills


·        High motivation and passion for continuouslearning

·        Exceptional collaboration, listening, writtenand verbal communication skills

·        Ability to see the big picture and decompose itinto domains

·        Ability to deal with ambiguous requirements andquickly changing directions

·        Opinionated yet humble

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