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Position Details: Mobile Release Engineer(766417F)

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
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·        Optimizethe capability of the IT infrastructure and services to deliver cost effectiveand sustained level of application availability

·        Developcomplex tools and processes in the support of continuous integration&continuous deployment

·        ManageMDM systems for in house mobile app deployments.

·        Managemobile app releases to Global and local China App Stores.

·        Recommendsimprovements as indicated based on analysis of current techniques and perceivedimperfections.

·        Managethe continuous integration environment for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobileapplication builds

·        Managethe source code repository for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile

·        Managemobile infrastructure setup for iOS, Android and Windows

·        Managethe mobile application signing for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile apps

·        Managethe infrastructure associated with application release (HockeyApp, UrbanAirship, Crittercism, etc)

·        Manageand create release candidate mobile apps to their respective marketplaces(Apple App Store, Google Play, Marketplace, etc)

·        Managemobile deployments for both consumer and enterprise apps (including Apple VPPstore).

·        ManageiOS push notifications and Google cloud messaging setup for mobile apps.

·        Manageprovisioning profiles and certificates for developers and mobile apps.

·        Managemobile app feature associated infrastructure on iOS, Android and Windows (Gamecenter, Push notifications, Google Maps API, cloud messaging etc)


·        Configurationand management of Jenkins (or similar) CI infrastructure

·        Strongshell & python scripting.

·        Xcodeand signing (command-line) of iOS applications

·        AndroidSDK and signing of Android apk files

·        Managementof GIT and SVN source code repository infrastructure

·        GeneralOS X, Linux and Windows administration.

·        Familiaritywith artifact repositories and OTA mobile app installation systems (TestFlight, HockeyApp, etc)

·        Familiarwith basic sell scripting.

·        Familiarwith Atlasssian tools like JIRA and Stash.



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