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Position Details: Operational Intelligence Cloud Monitoring Engineer (771749Z)

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
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As an Operational Intelligence Cloud MonitoringEngineer, you will workwith a variety of talented teammates and serve as a driving force forperformance& operational excellence, providing intelligent proactivemonitoring solutions to ensure end-to-end insight to mission criticalapplications for all Client teams.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

·        Serve in the role of technical subject matterexpert, refining requirements for monitoring and event management tools andparticipate in the development of an integrated monitoring/event managementtooling strategy and architecture.

·        Collaborate with teams in development, quality, andoperations to define & implement scalable solutions that satisfy near- andlong-term monitoring needs.

·        Improve the standards of the consumer experienceby providing visibility into a system’s performance.

·        Share your monitoring expertise to enable &support groups that require performance and troubleshooting guidance.

·        Participate in design, documentation&implementation of monitoring and data streaming solutions.

·        Plan, engineer, and implement robust andcost-effective computing environments.

·        Participate in process development withcustomers and service providers.

·        Influence & enable release & qualityteams to enhance deployment pipelines.

·        Interact with peers &customers to promotebest practices and influence architecture to be cloud-native.

·        Effectively communicate tool capabilities and processesto varying stakeholders.

·        Be an advocate & example for DevOps &SRE culture & practice.

·        Keep up to date with industry trends and bestpractices.

Experience Required:
Who you are:

·        Bachelor’sdegree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, BusinessAdministration, or a related field; or, an equivalent combination of educationand related work experience.

·        5+years of experience with implementation, operations, &maintenance ofcloud-based IT systems and/or administration of software functions inmulti-platform and multi-system environments.

·        Deepunderstanding of the Linux Operating System, including Kernel, Memory, Process,Threads, Static / Shared Libraries, IPC, Signals.

·        Experiencewith logging and security best-practice, system documentation, and designs.

·        Passionateand sensible about monitoring.

·        Orchestrationtools such as Jenkins, Ansible, Salt, Puppet, Cfengine, etc.

·        Excellentdiagnostic and root cause analysis abilities.

·        Commandover scripting languages such as Shell (Bash), PHP, Python, Perl, etc.

·        Understandingof standard networking protocols and components such as: HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP,ICMP, the OSI Model, Subnetting and Load Balancing.

·        Experienceimplementing, delivering, & managing monitoring solutions in development,QA, and Production environments.

·        Well-versedin multi-tier web application architecture.

·        Experiencedwith cloud-native middleware technologies for messaging, caching, services etc.

·        Provenexperience using industry standard tools such as New Relic, SignalFX, AppDynamics,CloudWatch, Datadog, Dynatrace, ServiceWatch, Splunk, etc.

·        Agileand learning mindset with strong team building& teamwork skills.


Bonus points:


·        Solidfoundation in computer and operating systems, understanding performancemetrics, statistical calculations, systems troubleshooting, runbook automation.

·        Strongcommunication skills and ability to interact with management and all teamsinvolved in the operational or development process.

·        Priorexperience in system administration functions (server, network, database,storage etc.)

·        Workexperience & understanding of challenges in containerized environments, e.g.kubernetes cluster monitoring & CI/CD integration challenges.

·        Experienceworking with high traffic websites, updating, monitoring, and maintenancestrategies.

·        UtilizingMicroservices, SOA patterns and REST.

·        RDBMSand NoSQL database development and administration (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB).

·        Developingin a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application environment.

·        Priorexperience managing SaaS vendors.

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