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Position Details: Scrum Master (781641E)

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
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We are looking for anexperienced Scrum Master who: Exhibits Lean-Agile leadership;Helps theteam embrace agile values, principles, andpractices.  Supports the team rules – The Scrum Master is responsiblefor reinforcing the rules of Scrum, Built-In Quality practices from ExtremeProgramming (XP), Work in Process (WIP) limits from Kanban, and any otherprocess rules the team has agreed. Facilitates the team’s progress toward teamgoals – The Scrum Master is trained as a team facilitator and is continuouslyengaged in challenging the old norms of development to improve performance inthe areas of quality, predictability, flow, and velocity. They help the teamfocus on daily and Iteration Goals in the context ofcurrent Program Increment (PI) Objectives. Leads team efforts inrelentless improvement – Helps the team improve and takeresponsibility for their actions; facilitates the team retrospective. Teachesproblem-solving techniques and helps the team become betterproblem-solvers for themselves. Facilitates meetings – Facilitates all teammeetings, including (where applicable) the Daily Stand-up, IterationPlanning, Iteration Review, and Iteration Retrospective. Supports theProduct Owner – The Scrum Master helps the Product Owner in their effortsto manage the backlog and guide the team while facilitating a healthy teamdynamic with respect to priorities and scope. Eliminates impediments –Many blocking issues will be beyond the team’s authority or may require supportfrom other teams. The Scrum Master actively addresses these issues so that theteam can remain focused on achieving the objectives of the Iteration. Promotesquality practices – The Scrum Master helps foster the culture of technical disciplineand craftsmanship that is the hallmark of effective Agile teams. Buildsa high-performing team – Focuses on ever-improving team dynamics andperformance. Helps the team manage interpersonal conflicts, challenges, and opportunitiesfor growth. Escalates people problems to management where necessary,but only after internal team processes have failed to resolve the issue;helps individuals and teams through personnel changes. Protects andcommunicates – Communicates with management and outside stakeholders; helpsprotect the team from uncontrolled expansion of work. Responsibilities on thetrain – The Scrum Master helps coordinate inter-team cooperation and helps theteam operate well on the train. Coordinates with other teams – The Scrum Masteris typically the representative in the Scrum of Scrums (SoS) meeting, and theypass information from that meeting back to the team (see ProgramIncrement for more details). They often coordinate with the SystemTeam, User Experience, Architecture, and Shared Services. It is importantto note, however, that the responsibility for inter-team coordination cannot bedelegated entirely to the Scrum Master; every team member shares responsibilityin that regard. Facilitates preparation and readiness for ART events –Assists the team in preparation for ART activities, including PIPlanning, System Demos, and the Inspect and Adapt. Supportsestimating – Guides the team in establishing normalized estimates andhelps the team understand how to estimate Features and Capabilities.

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