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Position Details: Software Developer

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Openings: 1
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What I am looking for: Spring AND Node.JS AND (Python OR bash)


Programming languages (Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Groovy)

·  Scripting (bash, python, etc.)

·  Build and Dependency Management tools (Maven, Gradle)

·  JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, Ember)

·  Continuous Integration / Delivery tools (Jenkins, GitLabCI, TravisCI, Spinnaker)

·  Version Control (GitHub, GitLab)

·  Container Architecture (Docker, Kubernetes)

·  Databases (Postgres, DB2, MongoDB, Redis)

·  Node.js and NPM

·  Application Frameworks (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, etc.)

·  Testing Frameworks (Junit, Mockito, Mocha, Jasmine)

·  OO Design Patterns


·  Experience with cloud providers Amazon Web Service / Google Cloud Platform / Microsoft Azure

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