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Position Details: Data Science Platform Engineer - (876450E)

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
Job Number:



Things that are important to this position:
•Has to have significant commercial development experience (I’m specifically looking for Object Oriented languages, others that I’m looking for is GoLang and Python)
•Has to have significant AWS experience specifically, infrastructure as a code, so Terraform or Cloud Formation Templates)
•Has to have significant experience with Continuous Integration / Cointinuous Delivery (CI/CD) piplelines. We use Puppet, Jenkins, Circle CI, GIT, Ansible, Artifactory)
•Has to have experience with Docker and Development of Micro-services, APIs
•Preference is Kubernettes experience. NEED:
The primary experience I’m looking for is Software Development / Configuration of Open Source Product, Experience in a Kubernetes environment, and Cloud provider experience.


Manager is looking for:

  • This is a developer role, so professional experience with Object Oriented (OO) languages like Java, GO, Python, C++, Linux scripting, is a hard requirement.
  • Experience implementing and enhancing open source projects is a must. We are building a machine learning pipeline using KubeFlow and AWS EKS (elastic kubernetes service). The ideal candidate would have history of contributing to other open source projects.
  • Experiences using CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) pipeline tools like Puppet/Chef, Artifactory, GitHub, Jenkins, Terraform, Cloud Formation templates, basically build automation tooling.
Project Description:
Creation of a Data Science platform using open source components. Individuals with Open Source Contributor experience preferred

Primary Responsibilities: ·


· Work to develop and/or implement platforms to enable our Data Science Community the develop, create and deploy machine learning capabilities.

· End to end hands-on ownership of machine learning platforms deployable across various Cloud providers – including data pipelines, model generation, training and inference engines

· Evaluate new AI Frameworks for possible longterm platform approaches.

· Conduct Proof of Concept (POC) projects designed to evaluate the feasibility of new data science open source projects, vendor supplied machine learning and/or AI platforms

· Work with Data Science Community to anticipate platform needs required to support algorithm development, model management, data engineering and model serving

· Facilitate deep technical discussions with end-users and partners

· Provide customer feedback to product and engineering teams to help define product direction.

· Provide domain expertise public cloud and enterprise technology

· Advance open source development practices with the engineering team through participation in architecture, technical design and code reviews

 Minimum Requirements:

· 5+ years of designing and developing backend systems in a professional work environment.

· 5+ years working with OO and functional programming languages, such as Scala, Java and/or Python.

· 4+ years of data management experience (structure & databases, process data streams, ETLs).

· 3+ years of experience working with SQL, NoSQL, graph and unstructured databases.

· 2+ years of expertise in security, scaling, and load balancing.

· 1+ years delivering solutions that run in Cloud Service Providers

· Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field, or 8+ years of experience, MS Computer Science degree preferred.

 Preferred Experience:

· Experience with Kubernetes, Docker, AWS technologies, Linux development platform

· Experience using one or more open source machine learning frameworks such as of TensorFlow, KubeFlow, PyTorch is a plus

· Experience leading the design, implementation, and operation of distributed software systems

· Experience communicating with users and stakeholders to collect requirements, present and review technical designs

· Development experience with Go programming and/or C/C++/Java, Python

· Development experience with Javascript, Bash, etc.

· Experience with Windows as a development platform is a plus, but not required

· Experience with source code control systems like GIT, Subversion.

· Experience using DevOps tools, like Chef, Jenkins, Circle CI, Puppet, Ansible, Cloud Formation Templates, Terraform, Docker etc.

· Experience working with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

· Experience developing and using RESTful APIs (preferably micro services)

· Knowledgeable about machine learning (concepts and application)

· Experience or exposure to Big Data technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Spark)

· Solid knowledge of secure coding practices and experience with open source technologies.

· Strong teamwork, leadership, and time management skills

· Strong ability to learn new technologies in a short time

· Excellent written and oral communication skills on both technical and non-technical topics.

· Work in a collaborative team environment

· Drive to accomplish team goals in a fast-paced environment

· Love to learn and develop new skills continuously

· Thrive on working with new technologies 

Here are some questions you should address with each submittal and provide responses when submitting in FLEX.

Does candidate have experience working with AWS?
Does candidate have experience with CI/CD pipeline toons like (Jenkins, GIT, Artifactory, Puppet and/or Chef)?
Does candidate have experience with infrastructure build scripting using Terraform or Cloud Formation Templates?
Does candidate have experience working with Kubernetes?
Please provide a list of open-source applications that the candidate has installed, configured and extended.
Has candidate contributed to any open-source projects and was the contribution accepted?

Software development experience and the above are really the key items the manager is looking for.
We are seeing Data Science Platform Engineer and your assuming the role is creating machine learning models, or this is a BI type role.

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