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Position Details: .Net Developer - 00640

Location: Portland, Oregon
Openings: 1
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In summary, we are looking for an experienced, hungry developer that has experience building APIs and services via .Net, has experience in TDD and NUnit and good working knowledge of some of the Azure integration services (mentioned below). 

Our development methods: 
By default all code is written in .Net Core. 
Azure Functions are written with .Net Framework. 
Libraries that becomes Nuget Packages are written in .Net Standard. 
We are following a domain driven design where all classes have interfaces which are stored in the Interfaces project, executables are in Services project, business objects are in Models projects. And so it goes for Repository, Data projects. 
The code is loosely coupled using dependency injections. Testing is done with NUnit. 
Unit Testing is done with NUnit 
Functional Testing is done with SpecFlow (using NUnit) 

The projects are deployed using a CI/CD pipelines which is composed of PowerShell scripts. 
In order for CI/CD to work, an understanding of the ARM template (Azure Resource Manager) is required to set the properties correctly. 

Required Knowledge 
Domain Driven Design (Clean Architecture) 
Dependency Injection Testing with Nunit 
SpecFlow Automated Test: 
Software Patterns - 
Circuit Breaker - 
Class Factory - 
Data Repository - 

WebAPI - Controller/Model Versioning - 
Swagger – 
Event-Driven Development with service bus - 
VSTS Repo/Git - 
Read the Docs 
Azure Services (coding and setup): 
• Functions 
• Event Hub 
• Service Bus 
• CosmosDB - DocumentDB 
CI/CD Pipelines 
Object Oriented programming 
Understanding of multi-threading, asynchronous calls 

Nice to have: 
Gherkin Cucumber 
Angular or Vue.js 
React or Xamarin 
Understanding of how to connect to SAP: 

Developer Traits: 
Communicate efficiently 
Hungry to learn on his own 
Interested in new technology 
Adapt to the environment quickly 
• Able to work standing up 
• Can express his opinion 
Come up with interesting ways to demo his work

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