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Position Details: Launch and Site Operations - Producer -(889455Z)

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
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This job is coordinating / scheduling global rollout of new products for digital sales.

Making sure:


All have the correct release timing for launching new products on the web sites and Mobile apps.

Also, you will be the main point of contact for these groups if they need to communicate about new product launches.

3 Key skills I would love are outlined below.

1.Communication – This role will be similar to a coordinator role, and will be working with many different teams. I am looking for someone that is a great communicator verbally, as well as written. Someone that can potentially lead meetings, as well as be a team representative when needed. Knowing what to communicate, how to communicate it, and what information is needed to be received,
2.Time Management – Once again, working with many different teams, as well as products, and varying launch dates, managing your time and schedule will be very critical. This person will often be asked to weigh importance of task, prioritizing, and knowing how to complete assignments within a given time period.
3.Computer Savvy – Tough to put this into words, but we need someone who is comfortable on a computer, and working in various different systems and tools, and is able to learn and retain that information

Client By You (NBY) – Launch and Site Operations Producer



· Setup and Schedule NBY Consumer Journey Meetings (Work with all necessary teams to get key stakeholders in meeting, Prepare content, Lead + organize group, record data, assign “to do” items, etc.)

· Setup and Schedule NBY Walk-the-aisle Meetings (Work with Product Line Manager’s to schedule meetings, plan order of product review, prepare each team’s duties for meeting, record data, assign “to do” items, etc.)

· Help lead NBY Launch and Seasonal Readiness Meeting

· Validate and Activate Product codes, and pricing, for WE/XP Geo’s on a seasonal basis

· Report to Weekly cross-functional Team Meeting, be prepared to speak to any issues or blockers

· Managing Geo Category partner requests to NBY teams

· NBY Launch Setup (support NBY Launch/Site Ops Manager + NBY Digital Team Manager)

· Prebuild Creation, validation, and activation.

· Create Preview link and Launch email, communicate launches and preview links to all NBY key stake holders, and Geo Partners.

· Work frequently with NBY Digital Team Coordinator to achieve deadlines for all functions.

· Learn “The Lab Tool” in down/spare time. Gaining knowledge of NBY Digital Team Product and imaging setup.


· Size and Fit, Attribution + validation, facet cleanup, ad hoc asks from partners/geos, late adds, Site Experience, Taxonomy 


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