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Position Details: Site Reliability Engineer - (901769E)

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
Job Number:



Note from call with manager 03/04/2019:

You will be supporting engineering teams mostly with data integration.

Must have 1+ years of experience Coding APIs using JAVA.

Must have knowlege of:
AWS (EC2, Lambdas, Containers)
Monitoring (CPU Usage, Load Balancing, Provisioning)

Job Description

Looking for a Full Stack Engineer or Backend Eng that understand the Code and build continuous delivery automation and pipelines: Java, Nodejs, and / or JavaScript.

This person will work beside the engineers and needs to be able to understand the code and/ or potential fix the code to work in the libraries/ tools

They are deploying distributed tracing throughout the organization.

“Distributed tracing is a critical tool for debugging and understanding microservices. But setting up tracing libraries across all services can be costly—especially in systems composed of services written in disparate languages and frameworks. ...”

This candidate will be working in and out of the teams to ensure the code is properly set up for deployment and pulling SRE Tooling into the code 

Coding Skills- Full Stack- Java, Nodejs, JavaScript or even a Backend Eng –( Java-/ Nodejs since most of the Enterprise apps are written in these languages) 

Understanding of AWS- ECS, Dynamo, SQS, etc since they are developing a lot in the cloud. 

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