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Position Details: Delivery Engineer - 00698

Location: Portland, Oregon
Openings: 1
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The key skills I'm looking for: 
• Strong familiarity with automation on Microsoft's Azure platform (or Amazon's AWS) 
• ARM templates (or AWS Cloudformation templates), JSON, YAML 
• Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS or Azure DevOps) builds, releases, automation 
• Including test driven development 
• Working knowledge about APIs, micro-services, serverless, Azure functions (or AWS Lamba functions), etc. 
• Familiarity with C# development 

Here are the short requirements: 
• Substantial experience using public cloud CLI command line interface such as Azure CLI or AWS CLI (the candidate won't be using the console/portal) 
• Substantial experience using CI/CD pipelines such as Travis, Jenkins, GitLab CI, VSTS, etc 
• Substantial experience using git 
• Substantial experience using a scripting language such as PowerShell, Bash, Python 

Notes (From Meeting with Manager): 
• These openings need to be able to hit the ground running and therefore ideally would have 8-10 years of experience with build and release engineering – on premise or in the cloud. 
• Ideally they’d have: Automation, Powershell, ARM Templates, Linked Templates, Infrastructure Code, Confiruration Management. 
• Will be working A LOT with parameterized ARM, linked ARM structures. 
• They will be building pipelines and components for the .Net Group and the Data Engineer groups that we’ve seen recent positions for. 
• Challenge for some folks could be that there isn’t SSH or RDP access to the servers. They need to be fully on board with infrastructure and artifact code to make changes. 
• The project is primarily focused on MS Azure but the DevOps temps will not be spending much time IN Azure. They will be building pipelines and components but ideally they would be familiar with Azure. 
• Other teams will be focused on building functions, web services and API’s USING the pipelines that this Dev Ops team will be building.

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