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Position Details: EUC Engineer - CSWJP00000711

Location: Portland, Oregon
Openings: 1
Job Number:



General Position Summary 

Our users work everywhere using a multitude of platforms, expecting reliability and transparent security with readily available data wrapped in an excellent experience. You, along with a team of fellow engineers will be responsible for the technologies you deliver end-to-end. We deliver a client experience that is as powerful as it is seamless, allowing Columbia to achieve goals in all areas of the business. 

Essential Functions/Responsibilities: 
• Daily experience using Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory 
• Configuration and deployment of Windows 10 endpoints 
• Configuration and deployment of iOS and Android mobile endpoints (MDM/MAM) 
• Creative problem solving is essential 
• Proven ability to create/modify/debug Powershell scripts 
• Provide training around client endpoint solutions to teammates and other engineering and support teams 
• Represent the team, and share information in project meetings relating to the client endpoint 
Nice to Have: 
• Configuration and deployment of Windows 10 using modern provisioning methods 
• Configuration and deployment of Intune MDM 
• Experience managing VMware VDI endpoints 
• Experience using JAMF Pro to manage Mac endpoints globally 
• 5+ years of client endpoint engineering 
• 1+ years of using Powershell on a daily basis 
• Current experience supporting a company with more than 1,000 endpoints 
• Current, daily experience with client management tools (Microsoft Intune, SCCM) 
• You are a curious engineer that is always learning and growing 
• Ability to explain complex ideas to a broad audience 

Job Scope: 

Job involves a high degree of complexity in performing frequent new, varied and unique work situations. Incumbent is involved in determining practices and procedures and contributing to the development of new ones, some tasks require generation of new ideas or approaches. In addition, incumbent may create procedures to meet assignment or project needs. Incumbent receives light supervision during project formulation, but works independently. Errors in judgment may result in significant losses of data or productivity with the result being financial losses, and incorrect decision making by Columbia Sportswear management. The positive result of achieving the position objectives would be the accurate, timely and understandable transformation of information. 

Interpersonal Contacts: 

This position has contacts with: non-managerial employees which involves the exchange of information; managers, professional employees or program administrators, which involves explanation and discussion of complex information through the use of human relations skills; Senior Management officers or officials, which involves convincing those contacted to cooperate, grant approval, or take action. This position has contacts with: Outside clerical, production, or service employees, which involves convincing those contacted to cooperate or take action; business or professional representatives of competing organizations, outside agencies or government enforcement agencies, which involves explanation and discussion of complex information through the use of human relations skills. 

Supervisory Responsibility: 

Does not have direct supervisory responsibility for employees, but will influence others in making decisions or taking action. 

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