Is ZenBasket the solution to all your eCommerce problems?

ZenBasket is one of the popular alternatives for eCommerce platforms and is much secure and optimal compared to the traditional WordPress sites combined with plugins like WooCommerce, which demands payment every step of the way. Added, some plugins have to co-exist for its supporting platform or service to function effectively and costs twice as much which is often a choice not available for all businesses.

How ZenBasket stacks up against other platforms?

No Coding skills required

ZenBasket can be utilized seamlessly.Not every business owner needs to have coding knowledge. ZenBasket is specially designed so that you can get a fully operational site and start your business in a matter of minutes.

Installation in a whiz

Starting up with an eCommerce platform has never been this easy, first register your account, next choose your plan as per your business needs and that’s it, you are now onboard ZenBasket.

Interactive Platform

To start selling with ZenBasket, all you need is your product list, their details and a few minutes to set your preferences. However, before you can sell on other platforms or services, you will have to be familiar with building an entire website i.e., from selecting a server, setup, code, design, fixing bugs and the list goes on before you can actually make a sale.

Sell on Multiple channels

WooCommerce likewise requires paid 3rd party plugins, (Automate Woo, WooCommerce Instagram, Pinterest) to advertise your products on social platforms. ZenBasket’s built-in capability to promote, advertise or make a sale on social platforms like Facebook, which helps increase store traffic and establish your brand.


ZenBasket is a subscription-based eCommerce platform with flexible pricing plans to suit all business needs. If you want to try ZenBasket before committing to a subscription plan, you can sign up for a free trial You can choose your subscription plan, according to your business needs. Whereas Additional payment is required for including new features with the traditional WordPress and WooCommerce options (e.g., bookings, payments, shipping, marketing, and much more). In this way, ZenBasket is comparatively easy on the pocket without compromising on the features or the quality and platform delivery.
Sales features

With room for consistent improvement and new features added over time to deliver the best experience for its customers, ZB is preferable over other options. For e.g., Abandoned cart recovery, an essential feature preferred by all businesses as it nudges customers of what they could miss out especially during sales and offers to increase sales. Abandoned Cart recovery is an in-built feature of ZB platform but is not the case with popular platforms.

Hassle-free payment

ZenBasket supports payment gateways favoured by merchants including Stripe, Square, UPI, Card payment methods in addition to the pay-by-delivery method that other platforms generally charge for. Each such additional option, for implementation and usage requires payment for its essential feature access or the whole plugin package over a defined period.

Dashboard Service


ZenBasket is equipped with an insightful dashboard of recent data and easy to access reports. It provides a detailed overview required to understand a businesses’ performance whereas platforms and plugins offering similar features lack clarity.

Manage your store on mobile

with more people accessing the internet through mobile devices, ZenBasket’s responsive platform makes it an obvious choice for businesses to manage and reach out to clients from anywhere at any instant. Though popular plugins offer a mobile application, they are relatively less responsive that need constant design and layout adjustments.

ZenBasket is Secure

ZenBasket provides a transparent and trustworthy environment for entrepreneurs. It prioritizes mandatory legal regulations, general terms, and conditions, privacy policy, cancellation policy, shipping policy to guarantee the privacy of the customers, and much more, which is rarely the case with similar platforms and services.


With access to the internet and innovative ideas and products swarming the market, there has also been a rise in the need for clarity and consistency, especially in businesses where you interact virtually. ZenBasket aims to simplify the misconceptions around running a business through its platform making it a mutually beneficial choice for both its merchants and consumers.



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