Pickup With Zenbasket 

In recent days, pickup is an easy way to let your customer collect their items directly from your point of sale(POS). If you don’t have a POS, you can let your customers pick their products from a warehouse or your home. Pickup is growing as a popular option among local customers, due to the high degree of control and safety offered.

If you sell items locally, then your customers might want to order online and take away products from your store to avoid shipping costs, product unavailability confusion, or delivery time. Pickup ideas are used by local sellers such as local restaurants taking online orders, stores selling groceries etc. to develop their business.

Providing delivery options like pickup improves the shopping experience of local customers and thus drives sales. ZenBasket is an e-commerce platform that allows you to provide highly customizable, customer-oriented pickup options for your online store.

Pickup Options Available In Zenbasket

With ZenBasket, you can provide the following pickup methods to deliver your customer’s online orders in time.

There are two ways to set up taxes in ZenBasket:

1. Curbside Pickup – Curbside Pickup is a safe way to pick up orders from select restaurants. With Curbside Pickup, your customer can wait in their own vehicle and the restaurant staff will bring the order to them. This allows your customers to keep a safe distance from the restaurant staff and other Delivery Partners during pick-up.

2. Self Pickup/ In-store PickupA way of ordering a product online and then collecting it in-person from a shop. Offering store pickup for online orders gives your local customers a convenient alternative to shipping. You can use offers/giftcards/coupons to provide a drop in price on choosing in-store/self-pickup to promote pickup options among local customers.

How To Setup Pickup For Zenbasket Online Orders?

In ZenBasket Dashboard, go to Shipping. Under the Self Pickup option, click on the + Add Pickup button.

Add Pickup Label at Checkout which will be displayed to customers at the checkout page.

Add Pickup address for customers to be displayed at the checkout page. Mention Pickup charge, if any

Enable the Pickup date and time of this location option. Then choose the Business hours and Order Fulfilment Time for customers.

Choose Business hours to limit pickup time options for customers. Specify the time it takes you to prepare an order (Order Fulfilment Time).

Create the new pickup option using the Add Pickup button. You can similarly create multiple pickup plans and limit them location-wise. You can view all your available pickup options from the Current pickup methods in Shipping & Pickup dashboard.

Each option can be edited, deleted and enabled/disabled. Customers can choose from the enabled Pickup option for their orders at checkout.

When ordering online, your customers can choose the pickup method for their orders. Orders generated can be viewed and managed by the admin on the orders page.

The order is tracked in each stage from the order confirmation, till it reaches the customer. Customized notification or emails for each pickup stage will be received by the customer.


ZenBasket allows you to set up completely customized local pickups for your business. You can go beyond the basic local pickup functionality to have granular control over pickup time slots, pickup charges, and create order fulfillment time slots for staff.

Local customers are generally preferring more flexible pickup options, so it can be a smart move to have curbside pickup and self/in-store pickup options for your online store. Also, ZenBasket has a delivery option that is transforming from a popular perk to a public health necessity as many shoppers are trying to avoid as much physical contact as possible.

Let ZenBasket take your business to the next level. 

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