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With the ever-growing job demands and the need to meet the requirements of job portals growing exponentially the critical business decision to expand its services by leveraging technology is a necessary evil to deliver and serve as a platform upon which the company could compete in its market.

An all-in-one Consulting team


Centizen helped a leading multi-national e-Commerce retailer with setting up an operating base as they were rapidly scaling across the globe. The operating base would handle all software & hardware related IT tasks focused on transforming business processes based on operational, legal, riskier nature that a task is prioritized.


With the need to meet the exponential projects the team needed support for their IT operations. The client needed to double their team with the IT department. Finding the right talent is tougher as the same role at different firms mean different things. To be honest anyone would be skeptical to include a rather large crowd. They consulted with Centizen and decided to start out small by recruiting essential teams with our aid. This team comprised Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testing specialists & the development team to plan, design and implement strategies to make things easier. As they headquartered in the U.S but were operating globally, it was crucial to find talents at different locations.

Centizen Solution

Centizen Consultancy leveraged its network across US and Asia to assemble a dedicated agile team. The team comprised of experienced consultants and fresh minds with IT experience to deliver crucial project portfolio. A well experience prime co-ordinate was assigned to overlook the search and screening process of potential candidates. Centizen coordinated and kept track of logs of candidates to relocate hard-to-find experts to Client location. Centizen helped the candidates from their on-boarding till their date of joining. All travel costs were included in the client’s bill rate. These newly hired employees performed a range of time critical tasks the client needed to meet to launch new services. All project members received our proprietary on-boarding orientation and project briefing & training before hand to experience the work culture and test their fit amongst their co-workers.

An all-in-one Consulting team

Business Outcomes

  • Expanding with a businesses’ growth can be scary and looking for talents at new locations can result in desperate hires.
  • The brief training gets you to know your peers & organization.
  • Hiring is all about asking the right questions and finding experienced candidates on short notice can be challenging.
  • Project delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.

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