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Cloud Security


One of our leading client provides data services to their users with a downright complete product, offering data sets required for Data and Credit Management Solutions, with report maintenance on their cloud environment. Our client planned to provide the cloud security to their customer data’s.


The instances of security breaches have been increasing exponentially. Our client required stronger security while moving their customers data to the cloud. Since it could lead to violation of data privacy agreements between the company and its customers. Some security breaches compel enterprises to disable their websites and mobile apps temporarily, while some targeted breaches may make companies lose a significant percentage of their annual turnover. No enterprise can combat emerging data breaches and cyber security issues without implementing a robust security strategy.


Cloud computing security ensures the customer data security, privacy & compliance with necessary regulations. It is similar to the security in our on-premises data centers; only without the costs of maintaining facilities and hardware. Our Cloud service client is supposed to know the risks associated with data security.For example, of any data loss or theft. When storing sensitive information, encryption is always a powerful scheme. In general, it would make sense to encrypt sensitive information say, credit card numbers or such that are stored in the cloud.

Centizen’s Solution

In cloud, our team didn’t have to manage physical servers or storage devices. Instead, they used software-based security tools to monitor and secure the flow in and out the cloud resources. Centizen provides cloud security for cloud computing platform. It is a shared responsibility between both the customer and the service provider. Customers are responsible for “security in the cloud” and the Cloud service provider is responsible for “security of the cloud”. AWS is responsible for protecting the infrastructure. This infrastructure includes hardware, software, networking, and certain additional facilities.

Cloud Security

Outcomes/ Business Values

Business agility

Ability to deliver instant results with a predictive time-to-market. Comparatively cheaper without compromised quality might give your business a competitive edge.

Increased Operational efficiency

Cloud computing lets you to deploy the same service(s) more than once, and yields the same result every time. This allows organizations to deploy pre-built server images, application services or entire application landscapes predicatively, using design patterns. This reduces a significant amount of time spent fixing operational issues thus increasing its efficiency.

Proper use of resources 

Our Cloud service providers utilize physical resources and reduce energy consumption in contradiction to a traditional IT more efficiently.

Less capital expense

Cloud services allows organizations to start and end projects faster without losing any investments.

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