Project Description

Customized Test Automation for a leading Insurer


As per the saying, Health is Wealth, it is essential to take care of oneself. And with the same belief, investing on oneself has taken a rather special form-Insurances for lives and things. With more fraudsters and restrictions in this field it is crucial to find one that can fit your array of flexible plans to protect your health.

Customized Test Automation


The client is a US-based insurer that caters health insurance to families & individuals. Their coverage is customized and designed in a way to protect their customers from risks and liabilities adept to their unique lifestyle.

The Challenge

The client wanted to implement test automation and regression testing within their organization to enhance growth. In the Insurance domain improving member experience and transforming their quality management services over the coming years is a crucial demand. They wanted a framework tool that would align with their agile practices with an easy integration approach. The client did not have any prior experience with automation or other test tools.The client did not have any measures for testing the performance or quality of the product. There was a lack of a standardized defect management and test processes and the already existing test processes did not return any reports.

Centizen Solution

Centizen suggested a centralized knowledge management repository to facilitate continuous integration and continuous deployment using an enterprise-level framework integrated to Cloud (AWS) for parallel and distributed test execution. To make sure they deliver on quality and costs a robust framework was introduced that generates reports so our client can make an informed decision. The customized test automation implemented process provided seamless integration between the test tools and Selenium framework to implement automation-ready regression tests. By automating, almost 80% of the time was reduced finding and fixing defects. With all the changes implemented, the company was able to control costs better and the entire team had a proper understanding of how the application works.

Customized Test Automation


  • Significant product quality has been increased as a result of the testing frameworks.
  • With notable time reduction on maintenance the company has been able to work twice than before
  • Increased product quality has better overall performance and has increased its profits by 45%
  • Automation reports help keep track of the log and notify in case of any anomaly

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