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Reinvented Health Care – A Health Care app Case Study


With newer technologies & trends popping every day we humans too have become more reliant on these gadgets. Setting aside the debate of whether it is good or bad, technology certainly has made an evolutionary impact in health care. Adding to the list is Centizen’s health care application with the aim to provide a crisp organized way to schedule and track appointments and medical history.

Reinvented health care app


Our client, a multi-speciality integrated care service provider in health care, with a not-for-profit health plan is committed to provide quality health and wellness services for all communities. It aims to provide personalized care for each of its patients’ individual health journeys.


Our client wanted to extend communication between its staff and patients. A mobile application would be able to serve the purpose for patient interactions whether it be an interface with physicians or pharmacy prescriptions or medical records access or even appointment-scheduling/tracking with reminders and more.

It should allow users both doctors and patients to store and track the individual’s symptoms and medications. Also the history must be listed with corresponding treatment and the medication suggested in organized categories. A scoring board with suggestions on best or relative medication with its availability in the pharmacy can be added.

The client required an inclusive application for their patients to access the app on both iOS and Android platforms.

Centizen Solution

A mobile app addressing these needs was developed with the services including strategy, solution architecture, user experience and interface design. The app was built on a MySQL database and includes service layers that can pull from any data source without special needs.

The app allows patients to make appointments, schedule or review appointments with their physicians or specialists and view their appointment/medical history, lab reports, medical prescriptions(present and past). It also provides its users(physicians) with a highly customized information report for choosing the right medication.

The end result was a befitting app for both parties(physicians & patients) with a well planned, interactive platform that cut down drastic time for both the physician and patient with the formal time to truly understand one’s medical needs in an organized representation.

Business Values

On-time treatment

As a doctor can access medical and lab reports instantly from a patient’s first visit, this ensures on time treatment.

Effectual Communication

As the app has features that lets you communicate with your physicians and patients, emergency situations can be reduced deliberately. Patients/Doctors can reschedule appointments and be notified of it before-hand.

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