Project Description

Workforce Management System


Every business with their growth slowly automates its manual procedures. Once a business grows everything scales from its staffs to its resources and a better way of managing them in a comparatively lower time is by automating certain processes. This has proven to work out better as to the conventional manual methods which require a constant update.

Work Force Management


One of our clients wanted a significant solution to handle their workforce, as it became harder for them to manage their day-to-day operations using manual approach. Manually handling time sheets, invoice generations and work reports lead to huge lags in projects, payments and other vital activities.


To design an application that caters to the needs of the client in an effective manner involved understanding the spectrum of requirements relevant to the business and its complex relations. A user-friendly interface that allows users to create an effective workplace environment was of high priority. Data collection, access and retrieval were the keys for the project. A dynamic company with an ever-growing workforce and varying internal structure necessitated a dynamic system to manage it.

Centizen Solution

Centizen created an application, Workforce Management System, with features including time-sheet management, which significantly reduced the amount of time wasted on daily attendance management. This coupled with the absence management feature helped generate payroll faster. With the availability of employee data, client data etc at fingertips, decision-making processes became more simple. In addition to a user-friendly interface, all employees were able to make an effortless transition to the digital setup. The mobile version and self-service modules allowed employees to perform vital operations on the go. The application provides users with multiple options to change the way they interact with the UI, and refine their preferences to meet their firm’s needs over time.

Work Force Management

Business Outcome

  • Workforce Management lowers operational cost with increased efficiency.
  • Automated payroll calculation increases productivity.
  • Stay on top of your routine with digital transformation.

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