Mobile Forms Automation Software

Centizen is a custom software development company. We are developing best field service management software and mobile forms automation software.

Mobile forms automation software assists with the creation of transferable documents and data that can be accessed remotely or otherwise. It allows members of an organization to remain connected by providing workflows and allowing the submission of forms in real time, frequently allowing users to connect offline. These workflows can notify users of changes so progress is not halted at any point in the process. It helps team remain updated on tasks, work orders, and other assignments. The software provides helpful analytics from data retrieved, offering organizations insights and the potential to create dashboards.

What FlashFormz can do?

Day to day job reports & inspections

Automate status of sites

Reassign inspection

Easy drag and drop option to create forms

Say “Good Bye” to paper forms “Upgrade” to digital forms

Time to Upgrade
Forget about tiring and slow paper forms. Generate e-forms from an easy to use online dashboards.

Build Template
Create your own templates by using our simple drag and drop feature.

User Access
Admin, Technicians and Clients can communicate about work status through FlashFormz.

Upload what you see
Click & Share damages in turbine and blades using your devices. Quickly attach images for reports.

Be Connected
Don’t worry about data connection whether it is offline or online we’ll help you to stay connected.

Identify Sites
With the help of GPS you can locate the wind turbines easily.



Hard to Edit & Delete the Paper Forms

Delay Due to Manual Work

Managing Paper Form is Difficult


Quick Sharing

Easy to Customize Forms

Complete Forms in Few Minutes

Instant & Remote Access

FlashFormz Provides Private, Cloud Storage & Secure Database

FlashFormz is in the cloud which means you can access it wherever you are, whenever you need, even offline with the mobile app. As a whole run your business without any stress even from home.

No Programming Skills Needed

User Friendly, Save Field Workers & Administrator Hours, Increased Data Accuracy

Be Connected by Sending Instant E-Mails, Messages Alerts

Build Your Vision Field

FlashFormz gives overall control to the administrators.

This application gives you complete visibility about affected sites.

They can also modify the reports and create a nascent forms.

Feasible Forms That Aids Your Grow

As our application is user friendly we’ll help you to view each and every inspection report details by giving a single click on dashboard. Filters will help you to clip off the wastage of time in searching a particular report.




Create Forms in Minutes

Time to change your conventional methods into digital forms. Our modern drag and drop features can create customized form.

Filling out form is as easy just drag and drop

With Drag and drop one can select an object or a section of text and can move it to a desired location and “drop” it there.

Text Field that can accept any type of data in the form of text or numbers
Upload or attach an existing image using this field
You can add one set of questions that can be answered multiple times
Let’s user to enter input as calendar date
Allow only one option to be select
Allows to enter multiple lines of text
Easy to add multiple options in forms
This field is used to accept data based on time
Can select one or more options and boxes can be checked

Locate your Projects

You can identify the position and visualize your sites, projects, wind turbines on a satellite map.

Easy to identify the affected sites on FlashFormz site map

Easily identify the damaged sites by our site map. We built four different colors to specify the status of damages.

Green – Indicates the wind turbine is in good condition

Yellow – Indicates the low level damages on wind turbine

Orange – Indicates the Medium level damage

Red – Indicates the high level damage to be inspect quickly

Export your Report as a PDF Format

Keep your form as a PDF it act as a reputed document. Once you complete the form you can download as a PDF.

Download the form as PDF

With FlashFormz PDF feature, you can deliver your form and send them to recipient as a PDF document. Save PDF document for long term references.

Connect and Work From Anywhere, Anytime

Save your Files in our Secured FlashFormz and Access it From Anywhere

Save your reports as well as backup data without limits. Saved reports will be automatically synchronized to your smartphones, tablet or other services. Just access data wherever and whenever needed.