Routing With Zenbasket

          Prior to the arrival of coronavirus, a shift was already underway through ordering products and services online. Measures to rein in the pandemic, including staying-at-home, closed restaurants and social distancing, accelerated the switch to seek technologies for everyday requirements. According to a recent study, 1 out of 3 Americans sought online to purchase groceries with the expectation of door-to-door delivery since March, 2020.
Consumers expect a live store with secured payments in a single-button-click. A website or social presence with a phone number and an email address is NOT online shopping – buyers will bounce.

                 Recent times have increased the demand to meet your customers at their door and the need for business owners to handle packing goods and choosing effective shipping and transportation so that the customer is unaware but still updated about his/her order for the entire process and notified if any issue arises. This challenged businesses as they had to make disparate worklines to pull off seamless jobs consistently to make a profitable impact.With proper routing plans and technology guided routes you can improve a businesses fleet management and productivity notably for mutual benefits.

Automated Route Planning
The shortest route between your warehouse and the recipient’s place may not be the best, as it could be riddled with traffic or other conditions that impact safe and timed delivery. A route mapping software, powered by machine learning algorithms, sifts through data to suggest the most efficient routes for delivery as opposed to the shortest ones – saving time, as well as fuel costs in most cases.

Real-Time Tracking
Save time and the fuel spent in idling time through real-time updates regarding your vehicle’s location. You can also contact the driver directly to prevent unnecessary delays.

ZenBasket’s Routing
ZenBasket integrates with the following route management applications to deliver a more seamless routing experience to both the business owner and customer.

Plans your delivery route to maximize efficiency with time-savings, number of deliveries and vehicle capacity, including reloads..

Optimizes your routes on Android or iOS, factoring in traffic, schedules and availability. Paid plan options support data backup and report generation.

Route 4 Me
Routes your stops for yourself or your team of drivers. Choose from their Dynamic Routing Options to manage and optimize delivery routes.

RouteXL allows shopkeepers to automatically find or upload your itineraries with multiple stops at a faster pace to make it profitable for businesses. You can also export routes to navigation apps, print directions as per preferences.

Speedy Route
Calculates the fastest route between multiple stops, using one or multiple delivery vehicles.

Optimizes your delivery routes, based on the choice of vehicle’s capacity, stop duration, fuel consumption and other impacting factors. Keep your customers up-to-date on their order status through ETA’s(Estimated Time of Arrival).

Plans and optimizes the routes and streamlines scheduling. Make real-time adjustments to schedules and assess effectiveness on reports dashboard.

                A recent analysis of logistics challenges found that the last-mile delivery accounts for a whopping 53 percent of transportation costs. As a result, small businesses that service only local customers are taking on a very expensive part of the delivery process.

The unpredictable delivery factors such as traffic patterns and last-minute changes can wreak havoc on your route planning efforts. Because last-mile delivery can be inefficient, costly, and time-consuming, improving operational efficiency and lowering costs should be a top priority for any company that makes local deliveries. Lowering the expenses associated with last-mile delivery, such as fuel and time spent planning and managing delivery routes, is crucial in order to make your business more profitable, to keep your customers happy, and to stay ahead of your competitors.

Technologies like route optimization software attempts to solve the problem of last-mile delivery by getting drivers to the right places more quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, when it comes to routing solutions that are based on specialized algorithms, not all solutions are created equal in terms of performance and ease-of-use.

 ZenBasket with one of the multiple routing solutions, provides an automated system that allocates shipments to agents in a logical order to eliminate human error, prioritizes the route for various locations, ensures maximum work in minimal time, and also reduces the burden on your last-mile delivery partners.The delivery route planning solutions are about more than just optimizing a multi-stop route. Depending on ZenBasket’s delivery methods, we are looking to create optimized routes that prioritize fast and efficient deliveries without negatively impacting your business.