Google Analytics With ZenBasket

In recent days, the easiest way to boost your e-commerce site sales and total revenue is using web analytics tools. These tools achieve this by helping keep track of your web traffic, page visit and bounce rate. Google Analytics is one of the best choices among these tools. It is also used to provide detailed reports such as sales reports, product reports, tax reports, and many more. Through all these features, it allows you to identify the bottlenecks in your sales efforts. Here, we address the importance of Google analytics and how ZenBasket integrates with it to make your revenue grow.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool developed by Google that helps you analyse and measure your website traffic and tracks your digital marketing efforts effectively. Google Analytics implications are, in fact, very huge even if your business sounds like a small area in online presence.

How does Google Analytics work?

First, you have to set up and configure Google Analytics for your website. Then paste the tracking code into the header of every web page that you need to measure. This code records various behaviours of your users along with their attributes such as country, browsing device, search engine, and so on. All this information is displayed in your Google Analytics account with visual chart representations.

1. User level – tracks actions by each user
2. Session level – each visit is tracked
3. Pageview level – keeps track of each page visited
4. Event level – the button clicks, video views etc are tracked

How Can Google Analytics Help You Grow Your Website?

Google Analytics lets you learn a lot about your website, which helps you to grow your business. It is a comprehensive data collection, processing and reporting tool. These data are available as extensive reports, which can be exported in a desired format and can be analyzed in depth to gain valuable insights. Furthermore, it allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in real-time based on the insights generated.

Google Analytics With Zenbasket

ZenBasket integrates with Google analytics to help you track all the information of your online store. After integration, page wise visitors count and other relevant info from Google Analytics can be viewed in the ZenBasket dashboard. Page wise visitors count is shown with a doughnut chart representing the percentage of visitors to different areas of Storefront like Contact Us, Cart, Deals, Checkout etc.

Report Generation

ZenBasket generates essential reports related to Sales, Customers, Products, Offers etc which can be combined with insights from Google Analytics to make key marketing decisions.
The Sales Over Time Report in ZenBasket is shown below:

The reports can be compared and viewed for a custom date range. Additionally, it could be filtered on the basis of Location. All reports generated could also be exported as CSV file format and saved as an offline excel sheet in the local drive.


ZenBasket helps you to make a professional website for your store. Combined with Google Analytics, it benefits your business by providing you more insight into your website traffic. Google Analytics is useful because the data it collects is ongoing and in real-time. These data are very much influential in making vital business decisions. Knowing how to use it efficiently, leads to better business decisions, which then boosts sales and revenue.

Let ZenBasket take your business to the next level. 



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