Zenbasket Integration With Facebook

ZenBaket With FaceBook

Nowadays social media giants like Facebook and Instagram have become an additional storefront for entrepreneurs. Setting up these additional storefronts opens up your business to a diverse audience and drives sales. Furthermore, a diverse audience provides diverse insights on shopper behaviors which can be used to revitalize your sales efforts. Facebook accomplishes this by targeting specific customer groups and driving them back to your website. This builds traffic, which in turn converts to sales.

ZenBasket is an e-commerce platform that allows you to bring your store online in a few clicks. Our Facebook integration keeps your Facebook shop and your online store in sync, letting you reach more customers and sell your products in multi-channels, without all the related complexities. The article focuses on how Facebook, as a sales channel, couples with Zenbasket, to give your customers a unique shopping experience.

How To Integrate Facebook With Zenbasket?

For integrating ZenBasket with Facebook, you need to enable the Facebook shop option in All Integrations page.


On enabling, if you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be prompted to do so. Once logged in, you have to provide your Business Manager ID, Facebook Page ID, and Catalog ID which can be obtained from your Facebook business page.


Once this setup is done, your store will be successfully integrated to your facebook page. It will now be displayed under My Integrations.


How To Sync Zenbasket Products In Facebook Shop?

In your Facebook business page, you can add a Shop section. This allows your customers to shop your products from your Facebook business page and makes it easy for both desktop and mobile users to discover and buy your products. In the Facebook shop, create a catalog, which will be a collection of items you want to sell on Facebook. Zenbasket enables you to add your store items directly to the catalog, avoiding all manual work. For doing this, you need to make sure that the Facebook shop is connected to the Zenbasket store. In ZenBasket, choose Facebook Shop from My Integrations and click Connect to start syncing your products.

fb with zenbasket

Once connected, all the products will be synced and they will be displayed at the bottom for further sync/ unsync from online store to Facebook shop. You can manually sync too, in bulk or individually. Bulk syncing can be performed by clicking the Sync all products button or the sync icon.


Individual products can be synced/desynced from your store to facebook shop catalog by using the sync icon available along with each product.

The products will be available for purchase on your Facebook shop within a few minutes based on the size of the product catalog. The product catalog will sync with Facebook automatically twice a day to ensure your Facebook Shop stays updated and products can be displayed synchronously on both your website and Facebook shop. Additionally, products from your online store get synced to Facebook periodically when new products are updated within your store. The Shop section on your Facebook business page lets your customer discover your synced products on Facebook, shop for their favorite products via Facebook, and checkout in ZenBasket after redirection.

How To Sell Zenbasket Products In Facebook Shop

Every purchase from a customer on your Facebook Shop will be redirected to your online store for the Checkout process. In Facebook shop, a customer can only select a single product to purchase, at a time. After selecting a product, your customer gets redirected from your facebook shop to your online store. Then he/she can login to their ZenBasket account and complete the purchase or continue shopping for more products, while their original selection would be added to cart.


It’s simple to set up your e-commerce store on Facebook. The store provides an easy, appealing option for both loyal customers and new prospects. Bidirectional sync between ZenBasket and Facebook takes your business to the next level by catering to a wider audience. Zenbasket is an all-in-one product workflow solution for eCommerce sellers. It allows easy setup of affordable online stores for small businesses which is customizable and easy to use. Coupled with Facebook shop, it’s a major boost to your business.

Connect ZenBasket with Facebook, and start growing your business.



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