Frequently Asked Questions.

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Remote FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

Got a question? we’re here to answer!

If you don’t get your answer here, drop us a line on our Contact Page

How does the Talent Hub developers handle the time zone overlap/differences?2023-03-10T04:54:08+00:00

The developers spend around four hours every day with you and the team.

What schedule will the selected talent be working?2023-03-10T04:54:49+00:00

Your employees will work when you work, Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day. Given the time zone your team is working in.

Where is Centizen’s Talent base located?2023-03-10T05:05:09+00:00

Centizen’s talent spans across India and Canada, our talent is located within various parts of the country, given where the most qualified talent is residing.

How am I assured that Centizen is identifying the best talent based on my requirement?2023-03-10T05:05:20+00:00

We do not charge for our recruitment efforts, once a candidate is selected and starts working for you, will bill our recruitment fee on the first day. If we are managing your payroll we agree upon the services, fee, and invoicing terms in the agreement.

What is your approach to vetting a developer?2023-03-10T05:05:42+00:00

Centizen Talent Hub requires a stringent vetting process to ensure you are getting the best candidate. We have a 5-step process that includes assessments in Communication, Aptitude, Technical, Coding Examples and an Interview with a Senior Technical Engineer.

How strong are your talent’s communication skills?2023-03-10T05:05:55+00:00

Our developers are given a communication assessment, in which they are vetted in understanding, speaking, and writing in English and can perform the job duties with no issues.

Am I able to participate in the vetting of the talent?2023-03-10T05:06:05+00:00

Once Centizen has gone through our extensive vetting and testing process of a candidate. Then the client can interview and assess the candidate according to your standards and processes. If you have a test you would like to administer than we will partner with you to ensure the candidate receives it.

What level of experience does your talent pool include?2023-03-10T05:06:57+00:00

We place experienced engineers and talent anywhere from 3 to 10 years of experience in full time opportunities. This is mostly dependent on the qualifications and requirements needed to complete the job.

At what point, do we enter into an agreement and invoicing period?2023-03-10T05:07:10+00:00

We will write up the agreement based on the agreed terms for you to sign and proceed and provide any payrolling service and fee, that we will help to ensure your talent is paid properly.

Are there any guarantees?2023-03-10T05:07:27+00:00

There are agreed upon guarantees, we start with a 30-day guarantee to any position and discuss in the terms of the agreement.

Does the talent have any type of benefits or time off?2023-03-10T05:07:43+00:00

Anyone you hire will have access to benefits and paid time off given the details of your company’s position.

What are your payment terms?2023-03-10T05:07:58+00:00

Our invoicing is sent out monthly and our terms are 7, 15 or 30 days to pay said invoice depending on terms set forth in the agreement.

Is there a recruitment charge or fee for identifying the talent?2023-03-10T05:08:11+00:00

We do not charge for our recruitment efforts, once a candidate is selected and starts working then we will bill for the candidate’s time. There may be a monthly fee for managing the talent and this will be defined in the agreement.

What is the duration for the hiring process of a talent or developer?2023-03-10T05:08:20+00:00

The hiring process can take up to 2 to 4 weeks, this depends on urgency, the skills desired, and the expertise your team needs. The more clarity and participation with all parties the sooner a qualified candidate for your team can be hired. We can help with the onboarding and identifying the right hire for your team.

What examples of engagements do you work on?2023-03-10T05:08:40+00:00

We partner with you to fill full-time engagements based on your companies’ hiring needs and to fill those positions on your team. Once you identify and hire the right talent, they then become a full-time member of your team, we help you navigate the hiring and the process.

What makes Centizen stand out from other firms in this remote work strategy?2023-03-10T05:10:41+00:00

Centizen was built on long standing relationships and trust with our clients and our talent. We are continuously looking at ways for all parties to win. We vet your talent extensively and present qualified candidates to your open positions.

What does the benefit package look like once onboarded?2023-03-10T04:14:58+00:00

This will depend on your employer most will include Medical Insurance Stipend, Potential Bonus Based on Performance, Paid Vacations, etc.

After you are hired you will be in direct communication with the client?2023-03-10T04:15:22+00:00

Once you are working for your employer, you will be communicating with the client directly.

Time off request?2023-03-10T04:15:49+00:00

Time off requests will need to be discussed with your employer and approved by them.

Is there any shift allowance?2023-03-10T04:16:01+00:00

This will be decided with your employer and based on policy.

What types of hours will I be working?2023-03-10T04:16:31+00:00

You will be working on your employer’s time schedule, depending on their time zone. Normally, an 8am to 5pm shift with weekends off. Unless required to work outside this window, this will be discussed and agreed upon.

What happens if I need to take a break ?2023-03-10T04:16:58+00:00

You will discuss this with your employer.

What type of equipment, laptop, etc will be provided?2023-03-10T04:17:15+00:00

You will be working on your own equipment, or at times your employer may want to have you use their equipment.

Do you have a pay structure or pay scale?2023-03-10T04:18:34+00:00

What are the Salary and Pay like?

Will I be screened by the client for assessment or interview?2023-03-10T04:19:10+00:00

Since you will be the client’s employee, they will be interviewing you as well for fit and skill assessment.

What is a typical process for finding a position with Centizen Talent Hub?2023-03-10T04:20:14+00:00

Process looks like this:

  • Register or apply on Centizen Talent Hub by filling out the form
  • Pass all required assessments and interview with Senior Talent Consultant
  • Once you pass all assessments, you will be matched to opportunities within your skill set
  • If selected by client, interview with client and pass all client specific assessments
  • Onboard to client company
Where are most of your clients located?2023-03-10T04:20:53+00:00

Most of our clients are US based but also global in nature.

Does the talent have an opportunity to pick the client?2023-03-10T04:21:03+00:00

Our clients and contracts are matched to the best talent. We will send you the opportunities that are a match with our clients and your skill set and you can choose from there.

Is there an option to pick clients that the talent would like to work with?2023-03-10T04:21:14+00:00

If there is a client seeking your skill set, you can share your discovery with us and we will do our best to approach the client.

What types of contracts and agreements does the talent need to sign?2023-03-10T04:21:46+00:00

Once you are selected by a client you will sign their necessary documents.

After registering, when can I expect to be employed?2023-03-10T04:21:59+00:00

Once you have registered with us, you will be matched with relevant opportunities. We will do our best to match you with full time opportunities you are a match for.

Will you be needing any documents after registering to keep on file?2023-03-10T04:22:10+00:00

We will need to gather necessary employment documentation and any certifications, etc.

Is my profile confidential and safe with Centizen Talent Hub?2023-03-10T04:23:58+00:00

Your profile is safe in our own database and we do not share that database with any other entities. If that were to change, we would inform you of that change.

Are clients allowed to view our profiles online anywhere?2023-03-10T04:23:42+00:00

At this time, we will be keeping your profile up to date, it is important that you keep us informed of any updates to your resume, background or skill set that may have changed over time.

How do you inform talent that they have qualified for job opportunities?2023-03-10T04:23:31+00:00

You should know from your Senior Talent Consultant where you are in each step of the process along the way and when they will begin to match you to the job openings and opportunities.

What can I do to prepare for the interview?2023-03-10T04:24:14+00:00

We recommend that you come prepared to discuss your test results, projects you have worked on, your daily tasks and job duties in your previous roles, what roles you are interested in and would enjoy. Any education or certifications you may have. At this point we have gotten to know you a little bit from the assessments, so this is a chance to get to know you more personally.

Am I able to market myself or do you assist in marketing talent to clients?2023-03-10T04:30:18+00:00

We will do our best to match you to full time opportunities with enterprise companies that we work with.

Is there Overtime pay?2023-03-10T04:30:49+00:00

This will depend on your company that you become employed with. Most companies will pay a base salary.

How will I know the terms of my employment?2023-03-10T04:34:34+00:00

Once you are employed, we will help your client with onboarding and payrolling.

How do you manage the talent with my employer?2023-03-10T04:35:02+00:00

We help our clients and once you are employed, we will help with onboarding and payrolling should the client require this.

What is unique about Centizen Talent Hub versus a freelance or independent consulting firm?2023-03-10T04:48:50+00:00

We are not a freelance or IC gig, we help our talent find jobs, long-term full-time jobs with your employer, we help to pay and manage their talent, provide support and benefits as needed. We stay in touch with you and the client to ensure everything is going well.

What types of opportunities are available with Centizen Talent Hub?2023-03-10T04:49:03+00:00

We provide multiple full-time opportunities with our clients based on your qualifications and experience. Our opportunities are exciting and challenging and you will work with some quality companies throughout the globe. Once you register with us, we also work with you to find a position that matches your needs.

How will I know about any tests or assessments I may take?2023-03-10T04:49:19+00:00

Our team will keep you up to date on your testing and assessments along with any interviews with clients that you qualify for.

What is the process once I am registered?2023-03-10T04:49:37+00:00

After registering with the Centizen Talent Hub, we will match you to opportunities. One of our talented recruiters will reach and connect with you to keep you connected and up to date on any opportunities that you may be a fit for.

What are the advantages of registering with Centizen Talent Hub?2023-03-10T04:49:59+00:00

We have opportunities with highly reputable companies that are full time and long term. We provide support even when you are working full time for your employer should you have an questions.

What is your selection process when identifying talent?2023-03-10T04:51:06+00:00

We have a detailed process that the candidate goes through from registering, testing, and interviewing with our Senior Talent Consultants, once that process is completed, we present you to full time opportunities you may be a fit for.

Is there any cost to me for applying with Centizen Talent Hub?2023-03-10T04:53:16+00:00

There is no cost to our talent when registering with us.

Will there be any assessments I will need to take?2023-03-10T04:53:41+00:00

Once our team reaches out you will go through an assessment to qualify your communication, aptitude, technical, any coding exercises and an interview with a Senior Talent Consultant

How do I register with the Centizen Talent Hub?2023-03-10T04:53:57+00:00

Register online at our website, once we receive your information one of our Senior Talent Consultants will reach out to you and help you through the process.

Centizen Remote Hire

A leading IT Staffing and Custom Software Development company founded in 2003. We offer U.S. companies the opportunity to hire IT professionals from our India based talent network.


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USA: +1 (971) 420-1700
Canada: +1 (971) 420-1700
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Centizen Remote Hire

A leading IT Staffing and Custom Software Development company founded in 2003. We offer U.S. companies the opportunity to hire IT professionals from our India based talent network.

Contact Us

USA: +1 (971) 420-1700
Canada: +1 (971) 420-1700
India: +91 86107-03503
Email: contact@centizen.com

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