Could AI bots be the answer to precise and apt Company fits?

Cloud AI Bots

For the last decade Artificial Intelligence has had its buzz in every field and some industries has even had major break-thru’s. But how well would these workout with the recruitment community? AI recruitment could help automate the recruiting workflow and eliminate repetitive and high volume tasks. A recruiting AI  bot could help save recruiters time by screening resumes and short-listing candidates for the interviews. Now that the hard part is sorted the recruiter could focus on the Interview processes.

AI improves quality of hires by its ability to use data to standardize the matching between candidates’ experience, knowledge, and skills and the requirements of the job at a more precise state. AI bot in recruitment can save 23 hours per hour, no disruption to your work-flow, reduce cost per screen. It can standardize the process as better and more objectively access the candidate’s ability and skills throughout the sourcing and selection process.

A lot of data can be required for the AI recruitment process than the conventional processes and can be more challenging. The recruiter chatbots engage with candidates in real-time and digitize interviews that help assess a candidate’s fit. AI recruiting chatbot that interacts with applicants to verify they meet job requirements, answer questions and keep them informed on their application’s status. AI bot can act as a digital recruitment consultant because it can help recruiters prioritize the process that might actually require their attention than going through the heaps of resumes to speed up the candidate selection. It helps the companies to find the best fit candidate for their organization and job positions.

Just like every budding technology this process with artificial intelligence will take time before implemented in full action. AI can help avoid biases found in the recruitment process.


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