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Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction HCI or Human-Computer Interaction is, the study of how computers respond to human Interaction and how effective and meaningful of an Interaction it

MicroServices An Introduction.

MicroServices An Introduction In the technological environment, a lot of people are describing the term “Micro services” because microservices are about to take over the software development. Every technical

DevOps for Beginners

Revolutionizing Software Development: Understanding the Phases, Lifecycle, and Tools of DevOps DevOps refers to the combinations of Development and Operational Skills. Basically, to overcome the long, time-consuming


The right guide to knowing RESTful API. What is REST API? REST is an architectural style for building APIs.RESTful is an API state that


GraphQL - Is it worth all the hype? Talking about API inevitably includes REST and have been a popular favourite among coders. A while

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation A business workflow is a sequence of processes. It’s designed to complete a task in a particular series. Manually, the series of processes

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