Popular Pricing Strategies

Popular Pricing Strategies for SaaS model & Services. Building a product is just the half of it as SaaS businesses have grown exponentially over

Auto Save

Should you incorporate AutoSave in your Saas solutions? Autosave is a technique employed by most computer applications and video games to save the current progress to help


The right guide to knowing RESTful API. What is REST API? REST is an architectural style for building APIs.RESTful is an API state that


GraphQL - Is it worth all the hype? Talking about API inevitably includes REST and have been a popular favourite among coders. A while

Campaign Management in Marketing

Campaign Management in Marketing Features of campaign management are creating automated campaigns for a variety of different purposes. Campaigns are automated workflows to determine

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation A business workflow is a sequence of processes. It’s designed to complete a task in a particular series. Manually, the series of processes

Engaging your site’s visitors

Engaging your site’s visitors Somehow in the last few decades our lives have become centered around Internet and browsers and social media. From informative

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