Is Nest JS the next big thing?

Nest Js

Before starting off, there are similar applications to the most obvious chances and some secondaries are even better than the obvious choices. Some people believe Nest JS is one as such. I am going to help you decide that for yourself.

What is Nest JS?

It is a server-side/backend framework shaped to support a developer’s productivity? Nest framework is a structured, scalable Node application.

Why Nest JS?

Unlike many frameworks, Nest JS focuses on a structured and organized outcome that comparatively requires less time.

A peek into the History

Nest, developed and designed by Kamil Myśliwiec is a minimalistic backend application framework, inspired by Angular. Nest JS is a structured framework with elements as such controllers, providers, modules, and pipes that can be accessed from folders. The CLI provides personalised module, controller editing possible. Nest JS can be an exemplary out of the box experience.

Compatibility with Platforms

With this establishment, Nest is a platform independent framework, that makes it possible to create and reuse logical parts in different applications. With Nest there are no limitations, you can design a simple web application or a complex possible idea an application can do. You can also employ Nest JS across platforms. You can access specific platform functionalities from @nestjs/platform-express

Features & Design structure

Nest framework supports middleware, exception filters, pipes, guards, interceptors, GraphQL, Websockets and many other components. Each of these components are available in their own folder, with an application module and a main file residing in the root with additional configuration files. This mechanism removes unnecessary attention and lets you focus on the design and delivery.


Nest uses the upfront & the latest version of TypeScript. Typescript ensures that it can change to the JavaScript and eases the context switching.


Unlike most applications, the documentation here has been revamped and follows the Markdown Syntax that claims to make understanding things easier.

It’s official now, Angular Console, the UI for the Angular CLI supports Nest.

Wrap up

Nest JS is in a unique place that many languages have struggled to establish. For everyone who is acquainted with Angular, Nest JS is a breeze. The framework aims to benefit mid-tier workers, without compensating a clean finish. The folder view lets you get an organised overview with the awareness of what goes where. And last it uses TypeScript, that provides a perfect landscape for developers. Nest uses a decent CLI, through Package Manager, where you can access the documentation of the architecture at ease.

The red flags would be the lack of documentation. The framework provides better integrations with other frameworks but doesn’t include potential issues. Admittedly the issues are few due to the simplified structure, but when an issue does occur finding help, the solution can be tricky.


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