OS & DevOps workstation – Which could you benefit from ?

OS & Devops workstation

Every engineer wants maximum compatibility when working with DevOps and tbh there are different software to address specific needs. This article aims to  debrief you on what you can expect when you combine them with DevOps.Currently, there are three different operating systems in the market, Windows, Linux and Mac OS. These three vary in speed, scalability, memory space and more. We set out to find the most suitable OS per our needs DevOps workstation. Here, we like to share about the various operating system performances and their capability.


Most DevOps engineers are wondering whether the Linux platform is suitable for DevOps work. On the internet, a survey shows that many engineers love to do their work in Linux, just because Linux had lots of advantages. Linux architecture has the greatest compatibility with CPU architecture. More than 80% of enterprise servers are using it as it is very stable and reliable. It is an open-source, users can access the source code to make changes in the system set up based on their project workflow, lots of availability in the number of tools and user can add up the securities.

But the users couldn’t access with Windows source code to modify since the Windows operating system is proprietary. Natively, the Datacenters, Routers are working in Linux platform which means that DevOps engineers use Linux and facilitates a flexible deploy using pipelines in the Linux environment. The installation process of the DevOps tools in a Linux environment takes place at a faster pace as the Linux package management system is in a distributed manner when compared to the windows. Limitations of Linux — the engineers may take long time to adopt in the Linux platform, other than that it is nice to do DevOps in this platform.


Frankly speaking, the majority of people are familiar with Windows, because Windows operates on an interactive basis. Moreover, Windows includes a wide variety of tools. With easy to pick and use the right tools to access your development progress. Each software tools is very consistent with Windows so that DevOps developers need not worry about the consistencies. In Windows, you can run the Linux CLI command on the windows server environment- this is one of best features in Windows.

Comparatively, Windows with Linux, the windows allow minimal customization for the DevOps. It is little regression for the DevOps developers. If you are doing your task in Windows, it will get stuck up in the Microsoft office. For the security constraints, the Windows are not able to provide as much, as in the product requirements.


Finally, going to see about MacOS which is placed number one operating system in the world. An internet survey shows that MacOS is not suitable for DevOps work. The mainstream of Mac is UNIX. Our DevOps tools are Linux based containers, so engineers faced problems to run their DevOps tools directly in Mac. The downside of MacOS is not very customizable, a limited number of open source tools available and learning things in the mac takes a long time.


We have rounded up some points we thought would add some weight in decision making. With this research, we found what works best for you. We can help you consider options but we cannot make the decisions for you.


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