Project Description

A Cloud based scalable platform that handles future plans as well


AWS has been Centizen’s go-to Cloud practice because of its indefinite flexible plans and features that has worked flexibly with our clients and our own frameworks and architecture. Every business is switching to Cloud understanding the features and benefits it can help achieve.

cloud based scalable platform


A popular US based beverage industry needed to manage their products effectively and at the same time required a new effective platform to introduce new products to the market on time. This can be achieved by incorporating Cloud to their model.

The Challenge

The Client Group wanted to use a hybrid cloud to reduce the cost of core services and create a secure platform that can accelerate the time to reach the market. Centizen used the best practices to define and follow new design and implement techniques using Amazon Web Services.

To meet the ever-changing nature of their business-IT requirements, and make available of both established and emerging cloud technologies, the team wanted to use these technologies to manage the cost of core services and a platform that securely aids them reach market on-time.

Centizen  Solution

Centizen analyzed the framework patterns and paired them with the client’s business goals by defining a new set of best practices and a backup set to accommodate changes. After these reports, and talks to the technical team and with their recommendations a complete concept of Amazon Web Services that can transform were designed.

The project was a three-tiered project to establish a framework with enhanced financial accountability to optimize cost effectiveness. An end-to-end platform that can deploy consistently and on-demand by both developers and operators alike to support agility. A consistent platform that can be scaled and allows migration of core instances and production services.

Business Outcome

  • A platform that allows scalability and migration.
  • End-to-end platform facilitates consistent work flow and proper function of resources.
  • The new design platform based on AWS allowed products to reach market on time thus increased revenue

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