Can you tell me more about ZenBasket? 

ZenBasket is an eCommerce platform that lets businesses build and run their stores online with a free mobile application. Our Saas platform operates with the aim to make businesses both products and services to plug and run online without technical setbacks. 

How is ZenBasket different from platforms like Amazon, Flipkart or any other marketplace? 

ZenBasket connects you directly to your clientele through your own website and mobile application. Unlike marketplaces, you don’t have to pay a hefty fee for listing or selling your products. 

What do I need to create my account on ZenBasket?

A Store Name (It can be same as your business name)
A valid eMail ID
Logo for your business (You can create one online)
Product details with pictures.

Can I still create an account if I don’t have a registered business?

Yes, you can.
Do I need any GST or Tax Certificate to Register on ZenBasket?

No. However, ZenBasket platform offers a business management service. Business owners should take care of their business-related processes from gateway setup to delivery & tracking responsibilities.
How can I contact ZenBasket support team?

You can mail us at support@getzenbasket.com.