Is Data Management something crucial as tech giants make it seem?

Data management seems crucial

Every process that requires something to be done, eventually comes out of knowledge. But truly is Data Management something as crucial as they make it? Business intelligence comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from data. Data nowadays cannot be viewed as simple flatline content, companies are considering them multi-dimensional as they can learn a lot from a single data.

How can you leverage data?

Data can never become less useful. What inhibits firms to process a data is their means and the trust worthiness of their sources. For example, every one of them who has come across a same piece of such information may also have encountered the same data in a completely opposing the original information.

Companies started to assume that the data whose positives and the negatives when tallied against each other and still came out positively were considered superior. However, new trends started to accustom as people who may have found one technique that worked for them can not necessarily work for another means or for a second time.

This unclarity impacts decision making as there arises inconsistency and chaos with no valuable insights. Imagine when you have data flooding to you from every possible source and there is no real means to verify your data or its sources, the processing can become tiring.

Integrated Warehouse Platform Solution for Data Management

With these challenges in mind, enterprises are forced to employ strategies that can generate useful content. These data, however, can be static, transactional, structured or unstructured. This is where data warehouses come into play. Maintaining tonnes of data is not an easy task, in addition to process them is an additional tiring task. In a globalized scenario, enterprises have to come up with future-proof solutions. Some suggest it can be done by networking such warehouses.

An IWP provides an overview of a task’s status in real time. It helps enterprises eliminate flawed data and make up for better decision. Warehouses in addition exploit new technologies such as the Order Management, Internet of Things (IoT). IWP deals by splitting the services to microservices. Each service has its own database that deals with a specific data to support and ensure business continuity.

IWP Functionality

Once split and handled as Microservices, the IWP involves data migration from databases to warehouses. Once migrated, the data are synchronized, whenever a change was made, it resonated the changes. With data handling from multiple warehouses, predictive analysis provides better insights for operations, warnings, etc.,


To wrap up, Enterprises have a ton of data from across its platforms and systems, no matter, the ability to derive something useful from that data can deliver value. The right dimension of the data can propel your business up that chain. There is no such thing as limits when coming to data collect exploit open sources.


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