Project Description

Accredit Case Study


Accreditation is a process by which experts of a particular field determine the common standards and choose to oversee themselves according to those standards. Accredit happens after successful compliance of those established standards. Compliance is determined by the evaluation of the written documents in adherence to the standards provided by the organization. The accreditation process is designed to be consistent, and support defined objective.

Report Management System


One of our leading clients in the finance sector provides data management services to their clients, with solutions that meet specific present and future needs. The Client has access to multiple data sources that allow us to provide a complete product. It offers services and data sets required for Data and Credit Management Solutions.


The main challenge is to have a secured web-based platform for end-users in an expeditious manner to order business credit. Additionally, to create trade reports from multiple data sources and provide a consolidated report.

Centizen Solution

Centizen developed a web application with authorization and authentication factors to access the application in a more secure way. So that some of the accesses allowed can be done only by the administrators. Our team serves as a single source for business intelligence and accurately predicts payments.

The application would contact multiple third-party data sources. It collects necessary information to form a customisable single report. This report returns the critical information required for making business decisions. Even though it takes guesswork for deciphering data comprehensively, concisely, and easy to understand.

Outcomes/ Business Values

  • Time consuming and consistent application.
  • Cost efficient and easy to understand.
  • Easily reliable and accessible.

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