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Case Study: Advantage of Remote hiring


Hiring global recruits for your business implies that you are becoming a part of the team who comes from all walks of life. Hiring people who belong to different cultures, time zones, must work on overlapping hours to be on the same page. So, why are businesses making that choice anyway? Well, with a deep analysis you can understand that there is quite a lot to gain from remote hiring that has made Remote working the most sought-after employment sector.


This case study aims to walk you through the journeys of a few companies that attained greater heights by choosing to remote hire with Centizen’s partnering . Each one of them had different requirements with a limitation on their local talent pool which led them to look for global talents beyond borders. The advantages of remote hiring were a tremendous eye-opener as these businesses could achieve cost-effectiveness, scalability, access to global talent, highly skilled technical expertise, in a notable duration.


Let’s see the challenges faced by a few companies and how they could overcome them with our partners and most importantly why they chose remote hiring over in-house hiring in the first place.

Advantages of Remote Hiring & Centizen Solution

Cost-effective Access to Highly Skilled Tech Talents

It is far from reality for start-ups to find employees who have the best technical skills and are a culture fit at affordable rates. One of our clients who was fairly a start-up video streaming service was tight on budget constraints and really wanted highly skilled technical experts who could be more of mentors to lead their in-house teams than following the lead. So they came to us looking to hire senior developers which was far from the actual market rates. Centizen’s recruiting teams were fast and quick to respond with the best-fit candidates to choose from. They could build a team of six developers including a QA specialist who took care of ensuring the product met the quality standards at all phases of development.

Ease of Rescaling Teams

A sudden rise and demand of the product with a steady inflow of funds pushed them to demand scaling their local operations to handle the unpredicted blow-out. Hiring a team and handling getting them onboard with expectations to pull up to meet the requirements can be challenging but a compulsory requirement to handle the workload. But oftentimes, the exact number of employees to be hired for a particular project cannot be predicted at the start. Moreover, upscaling or downscaling the team size may not be that favorable when talents are hired locally since the onboarding process and training cost a lot.

Uncertain and unfamiliar of the required team size and skills required for the project the client approached Centizen to hire .NET offshore developers. As Centizen provides flexibility on ending the talent’s assignment within a month’s notice, our client benefitted by completing the project within six months before they ended the contract. The team worked seamlessly with the in-house team and had extraordinary compatibility.

Lower Operational Costs

Building new in-house teams calls for additional costs like renting office spaces, salaries, installing amenities like computers, internet connections, printers, etc and hidden costs that include sick leaves, paid leaves, payroll taxes, health insurance, vacations, and pension contributions. Moreover, the recruitment and onboarding process also leads to unavoidable expenses. So one of our clients, a leading multinational retailer, was in urgent need of a team of SAP/ABAP developers to cut costs. Centizen helped hire five full-time SAP ABAP developers in less than 4 weeks saving them lots of time and money by taking over the recruitment, onboarding, and all the other post-recruitment processes.

Ease of Hiring

A service provider in the telecommunications industry decided to hire a dedicated team of developers with experience in Dart and Flutter. Since they were nearing the dead-end, they needed to hire a full-fledged team consisting of a project manager, flutter developers, designers and testers at the least possible time. With experience and expertise, demand for higher salaries also increases. So they turned to us for assistance with finding them the best fit. With an enormous network of pre-vetted talents, our team managed to put together a team within two weeks’ time which otherwise would have taken a lot more time. Hiring remote teams took most of the weight off the shoulders of their HR team and eased the hiring process manifold.

Business Solution

  • With high competition among tech giants to hire and retain the best talents, businesses opting for remote hiring can get their hands on the best talents which are otherwise hard to find locally.
  • The team size may be rescaled as per the business needs at very short notice. Our talent hub can also provide replacements in unavoidable circumstances to avoid disruption in ongoing projects.
  • Centizen ensures transparency and clarity in your outsourcing contracts. There are no other hidden costs. Expenses only include developers’ monthly salaries and a fixed fee for our services.
  • Businesses with long-term projects having multiple changes in requirements and a high level of budgeting control are highly benefited.

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