Project Description

Responsive Application for Restaurant Management


Over the last century, people’s habits have changed a lot. Technology has been a major contributor to these changes with consumer preference. With technology taking over the world, almost everything can be done online. The product must include making reservations at their favourite restaurants even at peak times or view the food availability and the billing process.

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One of our leading clients wanted to reach out to customers online to put an end to the queues at peak times. particularly with the cosmopolitan and metropolitan areas.Ultimately, Our client needs an application with a neat UI/UX mobile experience with easy location access.


An online platform with dynamic pricing services and reservations for restaurants to increase revenues and occupancy during peak and off-peak hours. Diners would receive an opportunity to either get discounts during off-peak hours or pay surcharges and book tables during prime dining time.

This was daunting when done manually particularly during peak times. Customer patience was expected during such times which caused a revenue downfall. The solution must include a way to manage staffs detail effortlessly. The food system and the availability of food stocks must be easy to organize or update. The pricing of the food needs to be managed by database rather than paper works. Handling customers waiting time and the billing process need to be managed. All these tasks are difficult to handle in a single application.

Centizen Solution

To overcome these challenges, Centizen designed a web application with a common database that lets you store and retrieve the details. The application let the team manage food stocks and their pricing. The team in addition to managing their staffs could allocate staff for each table which helped balance an individual’s workload.

The main priority Restaurant Management Application was to allow customers reserve a table at a restaurant. To reserve a table, a customer can check table and food availability on the application and can order with time and date. This eliminates the waiting time and the food prepping time. The application includes a Billing System and a rating system.

Business Outcome

Improved Financial/Economic value

Queuing has been a negative factor with restaurants for a long time, the application helps resolve this. It also provides customers with offers and surcharges for table reservation even at peak times.

Productive Times

With the option to select restaurants of their choice and reserve tables a customer and even order the food preferred makes customers appreciate the extra time they get.

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