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Making & Managing excellent products


In today’s packed economy, it is challenging for any organization to  preserve the quality of a software system over time. Our client needed a phenomenal quality product in a finite  duration. Testing software projects has been avoided to meet time constraints. This can create a product of questionable quality. Test automation can automate repetitive tasks which lets you look into tasks that actually need attention.


With several automation tools available in the market, but none of them providing all required services testing introduces complexity & delay. Even expensive licensed products are unfit as their abilities are confined to specific architecture or scripting languages. As we spend time writing complex test scripts, re-usability is a must.

Test Automation


With over 1500 test cases to test manually, the quality assurance process for the application was challenging to maintain. The application resources and data were constantly added and the team had to find a way to reduce validation and verification time. The solution was to simplify by increasing the test case numbers and improve the overall system quality without wasting time on testing. This helped the Quality Assurance team to automate the testing process.

Centizen Solution

Centizen’s Quality Test Automation Tools reduces time spent on testing between five days to 17 minutes. The automated solution runs complete tests on all browsers and mobile platforms; in addition the tools let you run multiple parallel tests. The testing team can now test their new code from other internal projects substantially reducing bugs. Furthermore to speed up the testing process, the test framework detects and closes random popup surveys to enable continuous testing. These features allow multiple deployments to be launched on time, resulting in faster rollouts of patches and new features.

Business Value

Supreme Quality Products

Meeting deadlines early, guarantees a thorough check before releases and delivers on promised quality.

Prioritize Attention

As you don’t spend all the time on checking reiterated processes, you can actually spend time fixing bugs in the new LOC.

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