A ReactJS Developer


In the realm of technology, ReactJs is one of the most popular front-end programming languages. An accessible community that promotes the javascript library, a renowned and in-demand technology that has transformed the tech development industry. A professional ReactJs developer must have a specific amount of competence, skill, and maturity to provide the finest of services. Hiring such a proficient ReactJs developer is a tedious process, however, with the right approach and the right platform, it is easy to recruit long-term remote ReactJs developers to handle the entire development process. Hiring remote ReactJs developers has gained momentum as the skill due to its simplicity, flexibility, fast rendering, and creative interfaces. Hiring a ReactJs developer ensures less time spent on maintenance and more time on fixing issues and easy inclusion of new features due to its reusable components. Thus they’ll offer a high level of security and ensure the integrity of the websites.


Our client, a medical technology firm based in the United States, is ramping up their ReactJs Development Platform to streamline healthcare. To be ranked as a top firm they aspired to create a machine platform, learning operations to aid medical research and bring clinical innovations to market. Our clients’ groundbreaking research in medicine combined with evolving technologies aim to provide a breakthrough in healthcare practises. To stand out from the crowd, they are well informed of the challenges and the procedures for a seamless experience. On the whole, their end goal is to improve the quality of life at an accessible cost and no commitment post experience.


Our client approached Centizen Talent Hub with a unique challenge to launch an app, to troubleshoot the problems of scanning the laboratory tests online, rather than onsite examination. To develop the best front-end framework of the application, they are in dire need of experienced ReactJs developers. To pick out the best, our client looks around various organizations and offshore platforms to hire dedicated, experienced ReactJs developers at low cost and effort. But, all the efforts ended up in vain. With less hope, they approached Centizen, and dauntlessly we took over the responsibility in hands of hiring dedicated Remote ReactJs developers to deliver the exact kind of talent they were looking for. The major challenge element for Centizen Talent Hub is, our client has only the idea on the table, so the recruited ReactJs developers have to design and execute the entire development process within a limited period. Thus Centizen needs to scrutinize and recruit offshore ReactJs developers who are tolerant enough to face the changes and the circumstances.

Centizen Solution

Before the recruitment process, Centizen Talent Hub deeply analyzed the qualifications, responsibilities, and skills of proficient ReactJs developers from their acquired talent pool. With the gathered reports through the analysis, our team conversed with the client team and together finalised the candidates they required for the offshore ReactJs team.
The skills they demand are:

  • Outstanding Proficiency in Javascript, CSS, and HTML.
  • In-depth Knowledge of React.js workflows, tools, and ideologies.
  • Experience in SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Knowledge of Modern Authorization mechanisms, Front-end builds pipelines, tools, Performance testing frameworks.
  • Experience with common front-end development tools, and performance testing software.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and management skills.

India has evolved from being a provider of outsourcing services to a producer of cutting-edge technology solutions. When it comes to coding assessments, Indian programmers are stronger at math and logic. They are also effective communicators in English. In several vital and fundamental technologies, India boasts a strong pool of talented software engineers. Centizen Talent Hub after effective assessment & confirming with the candidates onboarded experts with a minimum of 3 year experience. Our client has successfully launched the project & were happy with their experience. Now they are our long term client working on a few more enticing projects.

Business Solution

We have done the whole process of research, analysis, and hiring within a limited period of time. Our scrutinized ReactJs developers are well adapted to the remote culture and their needs. With the Idea on hand, they develop the front-end from the scratch and maintain consistent delivery with excellent UI/UX design. To stand out from the crowd, our developers even propose a set of branding improvements and deliver the framework within the original deadline. Through building an excellent framework, their application seems to be

  • Simple in terms of usability
  • Trouble-free in the view of design

With these well-developed UI/UX front-end, the client has increased customer acquisition, maximum revenue generation with optimum use of resources, time, and costs.

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