Python, the Language of Tech – Still Prominent? – A Look into Python Developer’s Salary

Python is the influential language among programmers used for Web development, Data analysis, Machine learning, Web parsing, scraping, crawling, system administration/automation, scripts/DevOps etc., Companies known for their innovative tech solutions like Netflix, PayPal, and Dropbox use Python. Python seems to be the core of most emerging trends. According to the Python Developers Survey 2020 by JetBrains, Python ranks third of the top 5 fastest growing and most learned languages in 2021. With its growing popularity Python developer’s salaries have also reached new heights. This article will walk you through how an average Python developer charges based on their skills.

Python, the Language of Tech – Still prominent? – A look into Python Developer’s Salary

How popular is Python and why?

Worldwide, Python is a prominent language. Python’s growth in the last 5 years (15.2%) according to the PYPL Index. The PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language) Index analyses the frequency of language tutorial searches on Google. The searches for learning the language tutorial are taken as an indicator and the resources for learning the product are assumed to be. The raw data for this report is collected from Google Trends.

More people are interested in evolving leading technologis, where communities come together to support each other by sharing experiences, troubleshooting issues, updating documentation and upgrading functionality. According to SlashData, Python comes third in the list in terms of developer activity.

PYPL popularity of programming language

The Demand for a language can be interpreted from a number of job postings. By analyzing current job postings on job portal sites such as Indeed, a popular job website, it is found that Python has around 79,635 postings. As seen earlier, Python

Features that make Python popular

  • Simplicity, flexibility, stability, and great community.
  • Wide range of scientific libraries. For eg, TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit for machine learning; NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, and SciPy for data analysis and visualization; and NLTK and spaCy for natural language processing.
  • There are a number of web frameworks in Python that simplify development. Django, Flask, Tornado, Pyramid, web2py, Bottle, and CherryPy are some of the popular web frameworks.
  • Recent technologies like data science, machine learning, and web development use Python, which indicates that Python is here to stay for long.

The popularity of programming languages by region

Country Developer Population
India 44%
Canada 36%
US 35%
South Korea 31%
China 30%
Latin America 30%
Japan 29%
Mexico 29%
United Kingdom 27%
Other South-east Asia & Oceania 27%

Python developer salary according to Indeed

How much do Python developers get paid in the US | 2021

According to Indeed reports, a Python programmer is offered an annual salary of $108,600 (or $55.69 per hour). An Entry-Level Python developer earns $65,032 per year (or $33.35 per hour), middle-level Python developers earn $84,000 per year (or $43.08 per hour) and experienced Python developers make an average of $116,000 per year (or $59.49 per hour).

The best-paid states of the US for Python developers 2021 | Indeed

Developers in Maine, New York, and Delaware are the top 3 best-paid states for Python developers with salaries ranging from $138,778 to $132,500.

State Python Developer Salary in 2021
Maine $138,778
New York $135,526
Delaware $132,500
Massachusetts $128,460
Washington $124,022
Washington DC $124,022
Illinois $121,902
Connecticut $121,845
Virginia $121,67
South Carolina $119,980
Texas $119,436
Minnesota $119,230
Florida $118,838
Arizona $118,658
California $117,988
New Hampshire $117,792
Ohio $116,732
Tennessee $116,640

The best-paid cities in the US| Indeed

According to Indeed, the highest Python developer salary is in New York- $133,526. Python programmers in San Francisco earn about $122,552 per year. Python’s salary in San Jose offers a salary of $117,367 per year and $126,680 per year in Boston.

City Average Salary in 2021
San Francisco $122,552
New York $135,526
San Jose $117,367
Boston $126,680
Austin $116,278
Los Angeles $120,321
Seattle $125,655
Chicago $1275,630
Atlanta $103,725

Python developer salaries around the world | 2021

Python developers make from $110,900/year(US) to $60,510 per year(Austria). According to Ziprecruiter, Python programmers earn up to $116,899/year (or $54 per hour). Entry-level Python programmers get 2021 is $82,500/year (or $67 per hour). Backend developers in Python earn $128,500/year (or $66 per hour) while Full Stack developers are paid an average of $134,154/year (or $69 per hour).


Country Python developer salary
The USA $110,900
Switzerland $105,55
Norway $73,590
Denmark $80,770
United Kingdom $56,090
Sweden $56,780
Germany $68,020
Netherlands $59,120
Finland $59,680
Australia $63,980
France $52,730
Austria $60,510

Comparing salaries of Python developers with other programming languages

According to ZipRecruiter, the average Python developer salary in the USA is around $108,082/year in 2021 i.e., $51.96/hour. Junior-level developers earn $84,000/year and senior developers make $172,500/year but the mid-level Python developer’s salary is $131,500/year. 25% of the developers earn around $84,000/year and 75% make $131,500/year.

New York City, San Mateo, Juneau, Boston, and Berkeley are the top-paying cities where annual freelance Python developer salary ranges between $130,342 and $124,969.

Skill Python developer salary 2017 Python developer salary 2018 Python developer salary 2019 Python developer salary 2020 Python developer salary 2021
Ruby $108,065 $115,005 $114,600 $121,253 $119,280
C++ $101,561 $108,123 $105,716 $101,440 $113,326
Python $103,492 $116,379 $110,021 $119,082 $110,900
Java $99,951 $112,592 $112,017 $104,544 $102,691
Perl $99,857 $111,928 $109,099 $107,698 $94,182
JavaScript $95,902 $103,503 $103,331 $117,718 $111,432
C# $94,653 $101,715 $102,232 $76,271 $98,973
PHP $93,169 $94,690 $96,231 $93,828 $90,155
ASP.NET $92,150 $95,551 $96,467 $98,920 $94,492

Why should you hire Python developers in India?

One-stop solution

When you hire Indian Python developers, you get the best fit for your requirements. Compared to the outsourced talents Indians with reputable science and mathematics knowledge are equipped to handle all the required challenges.

Understands business model

Indian Python developers provide the best business solutions with uncompromised results by beginning the project after understanding the client’s business models.

Highly cost-effective

One of the best benefits of outsourcing your Python project in India is the fewer development charges. The average salary of a Python developer in India is $8,544 annually while it is $110,130/year in the US.

No time zone issues

When you hire Python developers in India, you get a team of full-stack developers who can develop excellent custom software for your business without you having to question their credibility.

Easy communication

India being the second-largest English-speaking country globally, will provide developers who can understand your requirements well and communicate with your team seamlessly.

No recruitment hassles

Python developers in India are already trained and hold 4+ years of working experience in diverse industries which prevents your recruitment hassles.

Cities in India that pay the highest to Python developers

About 37% of Indian IT professionals prefer Python when asked about their preferred technology to learn in 2020, according to a survey.

City Average Developer Salary/year
Bangalore $ 11,800
Gurgaon $ 9,965
Hyderabad $ 9,932
Noida $ 8,588
Chennai $ 8,478
Pune $ 8,446
Ahmedabad $ 5,596
Kolkata $ 4,808

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Wrapping up

According to the data provided in this article, US pays the highest salaries around $110,900/year for python developers followed by Switzerland and Norway. India also has the highest Python developer population which means India can be chosen as the best offshore hiring destination. India has a wide spectrum of talents and precise technical skills. Indian developers are dedicated professionals who deliver projects on time with guaranteed results. Despite cultural & time differences, they are flexible to work per the requirements and offer higher productivity.


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A Leading IT Staffing, Custom Software and SaaS Product Development company founded in 2003. We offer a wide range of scalable, innovative IT Staffing and Software Development Solutions.


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