Between Silicon Valley and India – Where to hire sustainable talents

Silicon Valley is home to fortune 500 companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook. The average software developer salary in Silicon Valley ranges between $85,948 and $174,459. According to a recent survey, a software engineer working in a Silicon Valley startup can earn an annual salary between $70,000 and $112,800 per year. The full cost of doing business in Silicon Valley covers office rental, shares, taxes and non-financial benefits.

Tech giants compete with each other to hire the best of the best. To avoid this competition, most tech companies and start ups opt to hire developers overseas to cut costs on office rent, expert fees, allowances among others. This blog will guide you through the salaries paid to developers in the silicon valley and how companies can cut costs by hiring developers in destinations like India.

Average Engineer Salary in Silicon Valley

A software engineer earns an average salary in silicon valley ranging between $89,000 and $154,000 (according to PayScale).

  • Less than 1 year – $110,059
  • 1-2 years – $113,074
  • 6-9 years – $129,334
  • More than 10 years – $148,173

City-wise Average Programmer Salary in Silicon Valley

The average engineer salary in Silicon Valley ranges between $98,025 and $200,024 per year(indeed)

City Junior software engineer (1-2 years) Mid-level developer (6-9 years) Senior coders (>10 years)
Palo Alto $152,643 $174,592 $200,024
San Francisco $135,324 $154,783 $177,329
Mountain View $129,932 $148,615 $170,263
Sunnyvale $124,282 $142,154 $162,860
San Jose $121,759 $139,267 $159,553
Santa Clara $120,351 $137,644 $157,693
Los Angeles $106,560 $121,883 $139,637
Irvine $101,050 $115,580 $132,416
San Diego $98,025 $112,120 $128,452

Cities that offer the Highest Average Engineer Salary in Silicon Valley (Indeed)?

  • Palo Alto,CA – $158,356
  • San Francisco, CA – $141,346
  • Mountain View, CA – $135, 950
  • Sunnyvale, CA – $131,881
  • San Jose,CA – $128,158
  • Santa Clara,CA – $127,026
  • Los Angeles, CA – $111,380
  • Irvine, CA – $105,246

Why Should Companies Opt to Hire Engineers Outside Silicon Valley ?

Software development is one of the fastest-growing careers that has opened up opportunities such as remote hiring, remote work, freelancing and many other agile practises. Businesses can cut down their operational cost, increase their gross profit, performance and competitive edge by leveraging remote team employment.

Offshore developers can be hired through Freelance portals, outsourcing firms, Remote hiring platforms however, each has its own pros and cons.

In addition to choosing the type of remote developers, it is also important to choose profiles that fit your requirements. Choosing the most suitable country will provide an edge in terms of cost-effectiveness and work effectively despite time zone differences.

Why hire remote developers from India?

India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world, which makes it easier to collaborate with the Western employers looking to outsource. Mathematics and Science give them added weightage to this line of work. Per the research from Gild, Indian developers scored 11% more than their US counterparts on maths and logic assessments. The average annual salary for Indian software developers ranges from $11,139 and $38,000 as opposed to silicon valley where salary ranges from $85,948 and $174,459.

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