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Automates the PDF generation & distribution


Document in pdf automation is the process of documenting a businesses’ every process more systematically. It is crucial for an organization to record their process every step of the way. Even if you are using templates for documenting the management maybe inconsistent and prone to human errors.


One of our leading client, who deals in manufacturing and distribution wanted to move from paper-based documents to a system style management, a DMS. Investing in this system promised easier management or to share and recover in case of any issues


Our Client’s team works with PDF documents; from creation to automation of data in software applications. They provide assorted services including banking, financial sectors, government, health care, law and order. Managing different versions of a same report, whether minor or ingenious changes made to them, often makes things complicated. Keeping the final versions of a report is paramount. Programmers can perform more efficiently if they know in the future what to fix mostly through the documents. Adding different versions after a project has been programmed is not efficient.

Automates the PDF generation processes work best when there are minimal changes during a project. Sometimes changes are made, but if the recipients of the reports do not find the necessary details later, it will cost them. In automated reporting cases, changes a user must be notified of repetitive files. The more precise the information is recorded, more effective a project will turn out. When hundreds or thousands of reports are to be produced, last minute changes really are not recommended.

Automate PDF generation

Centizen Solution

Document Management Platform allows you to easily generate transactional PDF documents. Our platform has reduced development and support costs by enabling users to create and manage their document templates. This platform is browser-based and uses a drag-and-drop option to build your own document template

Document creation via conventional means can be expensive and time-consuming. It often requires a graphic designer involvement to customize every new templates. By automating the processes, you can save your valuable market time that can be better applied elsewhere. This process also allows you to reuse your templates

A document generation and automation solution allows to generate highly personalized, data-driven documents. Based on the templates, PDF, html and other document formats can be created. Centizen allows to automate the creation of standard forms and documents with templates and enforce branding and formatting. Centizen’s Document Management Platform gives some intangible benefits like flexibility, competitiveness and also improved client satisfaction

Outcomes/ Business Values

Secured & Time Saver

It reduces the time spent on document creation. It enhances security by managing documents are highly traceable and can be tagged to allow for automated alerts.

Efficient and user-friendly

Eliminates document errors and improve customer experience.This platform reduces the storage space and allows the user to create their own templates for better experience.

Easy retrieval

It gives the opportunity to access documents remotely. As long as there is internet connection, documents can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Documents are highly traceable and can be tracked within a range of criteria. Documents are less likely to be misfiled, therefore they are easier to locate with cross-indexing since the documents can be archived.

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