Project Description

Big Data Development Team For SaaS


With tremendous growth in data science, resources & means to collectively manage the vast overload of data are in demand. To lead and help businesses scale with minimal cost, offshore development of required skills and expertise can be an effective and reliable option.


Our client, an emerging US SaaS company with a goal to deliver a seamless customer experience via enhanced tools and applications. To make it possible they were in dire need of help with hiring an expert Big Data Development team, who could work remotely to increase their company insights into big data applications.


Primarily, the US SaaS company came up with an application that had crossed only the initial Quality Assurance test. For further development, the application had to undergo beta testing with proper documentation and support. To develop and deploy the alpha product, the company was in need of an energetic Big Data Development Team. But hiring developers, with the required level of expertise, in and around the United States was not an easy feat or cheap either. So Centizen Talent hub decided to look for big data development teams in India.

Centizen Solution

Centizen Talent hub rolled out a well-planned recruitment process wherein we had a face-time with the client’s team to gather their demands on technical expertise, skills, and experience. Our client was in need of a Big Data Development team well versed in Javascript and Python. The client was on budget constraints. So they wanted to cut costs on recruitment. Abiding by their requirements and expectations, we handpicked the highly-skilled, experienced developers willing to work remotely. Before being interviewed by the client, our scrutinized team of developers had gone through the initial phases of Technical, Logic based Aptitude, and Coding Interviews to filter the best. We delivered a committed and dedicated Big Data Development team consisting of a Team Lead, Data Architect, Python developer, Front-end developer, and a Web Developer along with a Quality Assurance and DevOps Engineer.

Our stakeholders found it effortless to identify developers across the geography with Centizen’s Talent acquisition team.

Centizen took care of the onboarding process and the post-hiring responsibilities. Our responsibility did not end there. We had back up employees in case any of the hires couldn’t continue to be a part of the team and took care of their payroll, leaves, work schedules, etc.

Thus we at Centizen helped our client to hire five full-time SAP ABAP developers in less than 4 weeks. The client saved a whopping $350,000 while promoting workplace diversity.

Business Solution

Our client experienced abundant benefits promptly from the Indian offshore developers :

  • Focused and Supportive Deploy & Management strategy.
  • Independent and Experienced Indian remote developers capable of coping with arduous circumstances and delivering efficiently.
  • Cost-efficient Indian remote developers build committed remote culture to save cost on workstation setup, commuting charges, and other miscellaneous expenses.

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