Agile Software Development Team


In recent years, businesses are more focused on outsourcing software development teams to set up agile practices. The motive behind the progression is, outsourcing has become the new norm for businesses post-pandemic. To cut down costs and for more effective performances employing remote teams has been rather effective comparatively. As a result, forming an offshore agile software development team will draw on a worldwide talent pool of experts in a variety of cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality solutions. Predominantly, to sustain and succeed, businesses have to scale their teams both offshore and in-house, a quite challenging and much-needed business requirement. To hire their remote agile software development team, they got Centizen Talent Hub on board. This article explains how CTH handled the recruitment process, hired and set up the best software development team for the client, a leading market platform.


Our client is a US-based online marketplace, that assists businesses to brace production scale and predict customer engagement that drives traffic. Our client’s organization personnel are diligent in developing their brand in an attempt to profit from them. This efficient and progressive approach, lets influencers launch faster with established programs to attract and expand the defined customer base. As a means to widen their services and labour, our client wanted to facilitate through apps & prototypes. To achieve this, they were determined to hire an experienced remote agile software development team to build a wide range of tools and services.


Our client, new to the world of app development, was struggling to implement the worked-out digital plans to action. On the client’s side, they had a basic notion of the framework, including early wireframes and logo design, in order to create apps with a better user experience in order to attract a wider range of customers. Innovative problems necessitate innovative solutions. So the client decides to hire an agile software development team who can evaluate the ideas, plan requirements to design, develop and test the applications. Regarding the remote teams, they expect well-experienced, and knowledgeable developers in the field of app development to face the complications and complexities.

Centizen Solution

Centizen Talent Hub steps in as the recruiting team for the software development team comprising a Scrum master, Architect, Software developer, UI/UX designer, and Tester. To initiate the hiring process, our officials set up a team of professionals, to negotiate regarding guidelines, deadlines, prototypes of the offshore agile software development team. After an open forum, we conclude hiring an Indian offshore developer is worth enough to meet expectations. We picked up a pre-vetted, experienced agile software development team from India at considerable cost. Hiring Indian developers is not only about cutting costs, hiring them for excellent communication and skillsets, which is hard to reach in the United States. As per the requirements, Centizen Talent Hub outsourced a team of Indian software development teams with agile practices on time, to explore the remote team without conflicts later.

Business Solution

AOur client believed us wholeheartedly to recruit offshore agile software development. As promised our delivered recruits for the agile software development team developed a new application from scratch with added features and functionalities. The developed application is optimized with security related to newer technologies and sets a stable base for the organization. In addition, our recruited agile software development team.

  • Created a creative environment for creative solutions
  • Completed project within a tight deadline
  • Delivered outstanding branding and Designs.

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