Hiring .NET Developers


Businesses may have a hard time finding the right remote .NET developers. Companies were unable to compete with the tech giants in hiring talents which resulted in a talent crunch. Our talent hub solution can make hiring remote talents a breeze by taking most of the hiring processes off the shoulders of the HR team.


One of our clients, a professional services automation firm, wanted to scale their project team of .NET developers, for creating professional services automation (PSA) software that gives insights into their business operations. This case study gives a glimpse of the challenges faced by the client and how Centizen came to its rescue by building an efficient team of offshore developers from India.



Our client wanted a team of five .NET developers as an extension of their in-house team for a new project. Challenge was to hire local talents with the right skills required for the new project. They faced a few problems like demand exceeding supply and lack of clarity on what skills a .NET developer should actually possess to handle the new project.

The basic skills they required were the ability to determine the prerequisites for application, providing continuous development and support, logical and computational thinking and organizational abilities. The team also needed to be customer-oriented and flexible in their working style.

Centizen Solution

Centizen had discussions with the client regarding the required skills. Our sourcing and hiring team matched pre-vetted candidates with the requirements received and let the client hire as per their choice. Our hiring process is cost-effective, secure, provides continuous support and is hassle-free. The client found the team compatible with their existing in-house team members. This helped the client save time on assessment, recruiting and onboarding. Centizen also provides flexibility on ending the talent’s assignment within a month’s notice if the project ends before the anticipated time. Apart from providing access to an infinite pool of talents, we also provide 24×7 continuous support on the assignments handled by our candidates.

Business Solution

  • A loyal and dedicated team
  • The offshore team understands client business and adds value to it
  • Clients can focus more on their business operations than on recruitment
  • Security standards and compliance is taken care of by Centizen

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