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Remote work & remote teams are increasing across the globe, in the IT industry. Pandemic has increased the speed and the depth of the hold to adjust remote workspace beyond belief. As luck technology has made the remote workspace flexible and customizable by swapping office desks into smart devices and the internet. Java is one of the top programming languages in web, mobile and software development. It’s a favorite language for developers due to its well-established reliable nature. The demand of the Java Development Team is rapidly increasing in the software development firm resulting in a talent shortage.


Our client, an American global marketing research corporation, aims to provide a reliable and dedicated Java development team for building an efficient and secure software solution to promote their business products worldwide. To develop such a reliable solution, for establishing an effective customer relationship management, they are in dire need to hire a team of Java Developers without paying the above market rate.


Our American Client’s organization had a lot on their plate when they needed a team of Java experts who must be well versed to predict and handle risky situations and deliver on deadlines. Our client had a nearshore Java development team hired through an outsourcing company to develop software applications for the global tech market. But the developers faced issues during the project cycle and found it challenging to deliver functioning modules before time. So, to restart and take off the pressure the employer decided to bring in experts to help the development team. They need a dedicated, skilled, Java development team to tackle the risk factors. So they researched more and gathered information about the remote hiring companies. They end up finding Centizen Talent Hub to recruit offshore developers at a low cost.

Centizen Solution

Centizen Talent Hub, took charge of hiring skilled, fitting candidates offshore Java development team, to satisfy our client’s needs and wants. To advance with the hiring process, we had a remote negotiation with all the application stakeholders to determine their needs and reiterate the organization’s needs and the different aspects of the software solution. We meet their requirements, by hiring an Indian Offshore Java development team under the Scrum Master to manage remote teams, Front-end and Back-end Java developers and QA engineers to develop the software application. Centizen Talent Hub recruited the Indian offshore Java development team to take over the project from the previous team. They faced challenges while transferring the developing methods and process including Framework integration, analysis of the limitations for fast progress. Finally, after huge hard work and dedication, our recruited team managed the hurdles to build a software that ensures the company’s quality, standards and expectations for effective customer relationship management.

Why Centizen?

Centizen has had positive influences and experiences that delivered reliable resources with talked-about organisations. To deliver a sustainable java development team, Centizen pre-vetted candidates based on skills, Knowledge to present an efficient collaboration team. Practically, while working with the Offshore developers, organizations should prepare for cultural and communication differences. To eliminate and get rid of the hurdle, Centizen Talent Hub hires Indian Offshore Developers for being experienced, talented and ambitious.

Business Solution

Our client, an American global marketing research corporation develops applications with a cost-efficient Indian java development team, paved the way for higher and targeted goals with a notable increase in economics and customer satisfaction. Over and above the organization have a consequential enhancement in the areas as follows:

  • Web Traffic
  • Transactional costs
  • Turnover
  • Customer Insights,

A standing long-term relationship with Centizen Talent Hub, with a great beginning where our recruited developers are delivering on deadlines from offshore. For reliable results & diligent teams, contact Centizen Talent Hub to help find your dream team today.

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